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七転び八起き , Oh when the saints go ….

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

こんにちは みんな

I am in an apartment now.

Work is very busy.


You never realise how many simple things you just get used to until they all change.


I appreciate my home cooking so much more now.


Laptop hard drive has bad blocks, but managed to backup all important data after eventually buying the correct power adapter from Yodabashi Camera, after trying Don Quitote, PC Depot and BIC Camera.

ラップトップのハードドライブが不良ブロックを持っている. ヨドバシカメラから正しい電源アダプタを購入しました。次に、データの回復が可能であった。

Best wishes,


Benjamin Southall aka Appelman1234 🙂


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