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I finally figured out what to put here….

And so it is here or is in the process of being here

First things first my userbar. I need to update this to reflect current preferences.

This lists some of my interests and is almost long enough to be a short film according to some people. However in spite of this I have decided to improve /update it and will be doing so quite soon :). It also needs updating, but I haven’t had the time to update it yet.

I am me.

About me elsewhere

Hobbies (in order of most recent as of 10/05/2014)

Creating / Thinking
Reading in General
Helping other people
Web comics (mainly read,,,,,etc)
Studying people, personalities and dynamics
Poetry / Songwriting
Coding (Assembly, C,C++, Lisp, Scheme,Python, Perl, Tk, OpenGL,Qt, BASH,C#, Java, Matlab, Maple,etc)
Photo manipulation
GNU Linux
Computer and Systems Administration
Computer , Information and Network Security
Reverse engineering
Open Source Software development
Manga (if I can relate to it and tolerate cliches)
Mathematics / Physics / Science / Linguistics / Foreign Languages
Dictionary / Encyclopaedia / Reference book reading
Card games (both conventional and trading card)
Computer games
Staring into nature and thinking about Life, the Universe and Milways
Table games
Board games
Role playing both story based and gaming
Or games of any sort
Dancing in the Rain / Walking in the Rain
Dancing / Spinning (occasionally)
Studying the nature and definition of existence, love, logic, illogic and various other things
Web Design and Development (particularly 3d / 2d canvas stuff and other hackery)
Chess /Go / Kaissa / Chinese Chess and Japanese Chess/ etc
Stupid / Pointless Religious discussions that actually have a point
Parody writing
Play / Musical / Short film / Sketch writing
Art (mostly digital)
Music recording / composition and editing
Logic / Word/ Math puzzles or games
and numerous others …


Version: 3.12
GAT d(-..+) s+:- a–(a?) C++++ UL++++(+++) P+>++ L++++(+++) !E� W+++ N+(++) w—(–) O M+ V- PS+(++) PE Y PGP- t+ 5 X R*(++) tv(+)� b++(+++) DI+ D++ G++(+++)
e>++ h*(h) !r(–) y?(y-)

Note:I did hack the geek code to suit me, but then ended up posting this version as it more compatible.

I am normally found online. I  run Gentoo Linux. However I do know about various other Linux and Unix distributions, and a surprising amount about Windows and Mac OS / X. My physical location is now in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I do lots of things, most of them make sense and appear random or randomish, I am also known for being too nice / helpful & being incomprehensible due to obfuscation and my partial understanding of illogic.

Any questions about me, ask or email and I will consider answering.

Also see my man page .

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