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Todo List of Awesome

This is an online copy of my todo list. It has stuff I need to do. I am kind of sick of having all the different text files and all the pieces of paper falling to bits, Anyways it will update and change as necessary. I will also include a scratch page where bits and pieces of stuff that are associated with todo lists

Stuff I have To Do

  • Clean up / Organise my Life / Parts of it
  • Get source (not sauce) of income, preferably part-time employment either over the break or permanent, preferably in IT, either sysadmin or codemonkey / developer related, with second choice being computer repairs or computer problem resolution or retail involving books or computers or electronics (Done Thrice)
  • Sort out friendships , relationships and other social stuff
  • Contact / Compose email / letter to a large bunch of people
  • Blog Theme Stuff
  • Blog Content Stuff
  • Blog Audio / Video Stuff
  • Increase my General Knowledge
  • Increase my Language Skills (pick a few languages and practice)(Doing)
  • Keep Pledges
  • Talk with some people
  • Get overseas (Done)
  • Get Stuff from Stuff to Get / Buy List ( I need to refine this and improve this)

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