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Stories and Skits

This page is for my stories and skits. They are all licensed under either GPL, GFDL or some Creative Commons license I haven’t decided which yet. Basically you can hack them, you can distribute them but please state that I was either original author or basis author for derivative works. If you want the source code (emotions and memories and experiences that caused me to write these, please feel free to email me, please bear in mind that the source code for these stories and skits is highly volatile and may cause your mind to explode).

Any usage of existing characterisation belongs to the creator and author of that characterisation and I take no credit for it and thank them for bestowing upon the literary world and my mind such useful or wonderful characters. If you use my stories or skits for your own creations please give credit to any existing characterisation you use.

I am not posting up my Harry Potter shock fic here, but if you want to read it you can do so via request. The ratings or themes of these stories may vary as per the source code warning above, if your mind isn’t at least tolerant, please go and watch Neighbours or some other predictable safe media input instead.

Harry Potter and The Daleks

JK Rowling owns Harry Potter.
BBC owns the Daleks and the Doctor.

Dalek: IDENTIFY !!!
Harry: I am Harry Potter
Harry: Why would you want to do that ?
Dalek: Daleks do not answer questions.
Daleks give orders.
Orders must be obeyed.
You will be exterminated

Harry: Expelliarmus

Dalek: Daleks are impervious to your pathetic attempt to harness supernatural power.

Harry: What do I do now Hermione ?

Hermione: Run

*the three start running, the Dalek follows them slowly*

Ron: And I thought Deatheaters were bad

Hermione: I heard something about these Daleks on Television

Ron Whats television ?

Harry: It is like a muggle form of  portable threatre. You know that box that has flashing pictures like The Prophet, that your Dad fiddles with.

Harry: You watch television Hermione, I thought you only read books ……

*Hermione smirks*

Hermione: Anyways, Daleks are evil alien race that want to exterminate everything for no reason what so ever, at least that is what the Doctor said

Ron: Doctor, How would a flipping doctor know anything about that ?
Especially a muggle one.
Don’t you mean Professor ?
perhaps Professor Moody  ?

Hermione: He isn’t a Doctor, He is the Doctor.
He isn’t a muggle either.

Harry: Then he is a wizard.

Hermione: No he isn’t a wizard either. He is known as a Timelord.

Ron: So we are running from a physcopathic tin can, and looking for help from the Lord of the Cuckoos

*Hermione scowls*
Hermione: Just shut up and hurry.

Still to come

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and numerous others…

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