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Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,


This post was going to be finished earlier and cover more than just my culinary adventures, however I figure I may as well just finish this post and dedicate it to them.

Note: The Japanese translation of rest of the post will take me sometime, but should eventually appear. Update: Translation is done is except for most of the banter, it only took me a few years to find the time (about 3 hours total)

Baking is Science for Hungry People. (ベーキングは、飢えた人々のための科学である)

What you need (ことが必要とされる)

  • 1 Rice Cooker (mine is a Toshiba RC-10NMF), preferably with a Bake Mode / Setting, though the original cake / pudding was made just by reusing cook and quick cook repeatedly. Having found an English manual for my model was a great help, although Bake Mode was not clearly documented. If you do not have a rice cooker you could probably use an oven and could possibly even use a microwave oven, though I do not know the settings for microwave cooking) . (1 炊飯器 )
  • Pancake or Hot Cake Mix , you can get this at any grocery store. Japanese Pancake Mix requires Milk and an egg, so it is like White Wings packet pancake mix in that way, and unlike Shake and Bake Pancake Mix (Greens, White Wings Bottle, etc) which are just add water. You normally get 4 sachets of 150g or 3 sachets of 200g.  Further experimentation identifies you can exclude the milk and use water and still make pancakes. (ホットケーキミックス)
  • 2 eggs (preferably chicken) (卵2個 )
  • 300 to 320ml of Milk (preferably cow)  (300-320ml 牛乳)
  • Arbitrary amount of Blueberry Jam (200g works alright, just use your common sense here, or in the case of the people that lack common sense and  realise that with too little Blueberry Jam, your cake is just a dry sponge cake and with too much Blueberry Jam your rice cooker will beep uncontrollably before the pressure opens the lid and an eruption of sticky blueberry goo / cake mix covers the surrounding area) (いくつかのブルーベリージャム)
  • You could also use fresh blueberries and replace the jam component with maple syrup or honey, though I have not located a source for fresh blueberries yet. My previous source of Organic Frozen blueberries at less than $20 a kg is now no longer an option.
  • A mixing bowl of some sort (I used an empty 2 litre ice cream container) (ミキシングボウル)
  • A mixing device of some sort (I used a normal  (non Australian) tablespoon, which looker like a dessert spoon to me, as apparently Australia uses a tablespoon that is 4 teaspoons instead of 3, and I have only used one real 20ml tablespoon before(yay for childhood memories), the rest of the spoons I have used appear to be 15ml tablespoons, that will always be dessert spoons to me, because they are what I eat cake and icecream with, where as tablespoons are what I mix cakes with and measure ingredients with, unless I have a measuring cup or jug and a wooden spoon or a whisk. For further etymology on the spoon distinction see here. (混合スプーン)
  • A towel or oven mitts for dealing with a hot bowl component of the rice cooker. Yes I used a beach towel, I am yet to acquire oven mitts and paper towels are insufficient in terms of heat mitigation for your hands. (タオル かそれとも オーブンミトン)
  • A plate or dish or cooling rack to place your cake on. (皿 かそれとも冷却ラック)
  • 1 pair of scissors to open plastic, Yes I know people can just tear it or use their teeth, but scissors lead to more mix in the bowl and less on the floor. (プラスチックを開くためのはさみ)
  • 1 bin for putting rubbish (at the very minimum broken egg shells in) (ごみ箱)
  • 1 refrigeration device (just in case you are unable to devour the entire cake in one sitting) (冷蔵庫)
  • 1 fork or skewer for testing cake readiness. (フォーク かそれとも 串)
  • 1 kitchen sink with running water for washing stuff up. (台所の流し)
  • Electricity (the rice cooker needs power to work) (電気)
  • 1-2 hours of patience, INSTANT CAKES ARE LIES.  (忍耐)

Instructions  (説明書)

  1.  Acquire all the things in the what you need section, please attempt to do so legally and without inconveniencing anyone, I know cake is delicious but jail time for cake just isn’t worth it. (必要ものをすべて手に入れる)
  2. Open the pancake mix sachets with scissors cutting off a triangular corner of the plastic. (ホットケーキミックスを開くためにハサミを使用して)
  3. Pour the pancake mix into the mixing bowl. (ミキシングボウル中へ混合物注ぐ)
  4. Gently shake the sachets , oscillating in order to wiggle any of the remaining mix into the bowl. (ホットケーキミックスが ミキシングボウル中へ優しく振る)
  5. Gently shake the bowl, till the mix is somewhat level, e.g. looks like a car park rather than the moon. (ミキシングボウルが 優しく振る 混合物が平  まで )
  6. Add your jam or jam replacement now. Do so either just with gravity using pouring or recruit your spoon for support in this endeavor. Yes I know this goes against the vast majority of cake recipes in existence, which always say to put the egg and milk in first. (ミキシングボウルにジャムを置く)
  7. Now crack open your eggs, and pour the contents of the egg (without any shell) into the mixing bowl. Do not lump the eggs together. (ミキシングボウルに卵を割り入れる。各卵が別々であることを確認してください。)
  8. Slowly pour in the Milk to the mixing bowl, ideally it areas where the jam or eggs are not, you want as much direct contact between the milk and mix as possible. (ミキシングボウルにホットケーキミックス中へミルクゆっくり注ぐ)
  9. If I was a recipe book writer, then next step would be Combine well, which is meaningful until you realise that you do not know what well means.
    • First slowly stir the mixture combining the flour and the jam, for about 45 seconds. (混合物が45秒まで 低速でかくはんするが空気が入らないように注意する。小麦粉、ジャムを組み合わせる)
    • Then stab the egg yolks and slowly stir into the mixture for about 45 seconds. (次に卵黄を刺す。混合物が45秒まで 低速でかくはんするが空気が入らないように注意する)
    • Then slowly stir the remaining milky parts of the mixture for another 45 seconds. (混合物の乳白色の部分が45秒まで 低速でかくはんするが空気が入らないように注意する)
    • Then quickly stir the mixture as it is for about 2 minutes, first clockwise, then anticlockwise, alternating every 15 seconds or so. (混合物が2分まで 高速でかくはんするが空気が入らないように注意する。時計回りにかき混ぜ、その後 反時計回り。15秒ごとに交互に)
    • Now eliminate as many pockets of dry mix or lumps of blueberry jam as you can by mashing them against the side or bottom of the mixing bowl. (塊がなくなるまで混合されていない成分をつぶす)
    • Then spend another minute quickly stirring (clockwise, anticlockwise) the mixture. . (混合物が1 分まで 高速でかくはんするが空気が入らないように注意する。時計回りにかき混ぜ、その後 反時計回り。15秒ごとに交互に)
    • Now spend 1 minute attempting to fold air into the mixture, you want as many bubbles as you can get, you do this by rowing the spoon through the mixing bowling quite rapidly. (よく混ざり1分まで高速でかくはん 。混合物に空気を折り畳む)
    • Now spend 30 seconds stirring figure 8s or Z for Zorros or whatever other shape moniker takes your fancy in the mixing bowl. (30秒までボウルに図形を描画するためにスプーンを使用して。)
  10. Now take your rice cooker bowl component out of the rice cooker, and pour the mixture from the mixing bowl into the rice cooker bowl.(炊飯器からボウルを取り出します。混合物を炊飯器ボウルへ移行する)
  11. Replace the rice cooker bowl now complete with mixture into the rice cooker, and ensure it is seated correctly. (炊飯器でボウルを交換)
  12. Close the lid of the rice cooker.( 炊飯器の蓋を閉める)
  13. Enable Bake / Baking Mode ( For my rice cooker it was Pressing the Menu (メニュー) Button twice.) (ベーキングモードにする)
  14. Now set the time for 60 minutes using the Minute (分) Button to increase the time. (タイマーをセットしてね60分間)
  15. Finally press the Cook Button (one on the right with red circle, with スタート in small letters) (ついにクックボタンを押して)
  16. Wait 60 minutes, preferably doing something else like watching TV, browsing the Internet or reading (60分待って)
  17. Open rice cooker lid, test how done the cake is with either fork or skewer. If wet mixture on the fork, then repeat steps 12 -16, with cooking time set to 30 minutes, otherwise proceed to step 18. (火が通っているかチェックするフォークを使用して。フォークが濡れている場合は、ステップ 12 から ステップ 16まで を順を追って繰り返す。しかし、30分の調理時間のみ使用する)
  18. Your cake is cooked. Prepare plate or cooling rack for cake to sit on. Then use oven mitts or towel to remove hot rice cooker bowl from rice cooker and place upside down on plate (the opening on the bowl should be facing the surface of the plate). Using towel gently lift the bowl and watch as cake is now on the plate by the magic of gravity. (ケーキは調理され。炊飯器ボウルの中身を平皿へ移行する)
  19. Cleanup everything you used, by washing it up in sink or placing it in bin. Do not place the cake in bin, if you want to place the cake somewhere either place it on bench top or in refrigeration unit. (後片付けぜんぶ。ケーキを破棄しないでください)
  20. Cake is ready to eat. Enjoy. (食べられる状態になってケーキ。いただきます)

Note: Changing the amount of cooking time and the amount of jam changes the consistency and texture of the resulting dessert between pudding and cake. Use this wisely. ( 望ましい稠度 のデザートは加熱時間によって異なると量のジャム 。あなたはプリンやケーキをしたいですか?)

Pictures of final products:  (写真)

Self Sauced Pudding version (プリン)


Cake Version (ケーキ)


Best wishes


Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂


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