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It has been while, but it was worth it…..

Posted on by Benjamin Southall


Hello everyone or at least everyone reading.

Stating the obvious, this is my website and my blog which is powered by WordPress.

List of thanks:


Nick Stallman (

Curtis Bayne (

Anyone else on my msn contact list with a stupid / lame myspace blog.


UberTweak Camp (Exposure to wiki, realising that I had a need for a blog)

etc, etc, etc, pat yourselves on the back, your not dead yet and you have made my life better I hope.

The stuff that is supposed to be interesting but probably won’t be as it is almost midnight and I need to sleep:

I was supposed to make this first post special, but I am tired so I will summarise it.

If you want to fix the world, go ahead, well infact here is fifty dollars and my blessing.

However If you want to try to fix something that isn’t broken or say your going to fix something and you don’t , then why should I bother wasting my time (which many people inform has value) and my money in donation to a flawed, deceptive or pointless cause.

Eg Buy a candle with you name on it to stop toture ?

I told the charity worker that stopping toture is stopping ectasy, and that they might as well be selling candles to stop Life. As without good there is no bad and vice versa.

I was then interrogated as to why I had this opinion and whether I’d tolerate being locked up and totured.

I quickly walked away, late and irritated (an almost typical state for me) and thought about what had transpired.

I began to wonder, If I bought a candle why would it need to have my name on it ?

(Does all humanity only help others due to the recognition they receive or for that endomorphic fuzzy feeling that we all get when we do good.)

What good does candles spelling out “STOP TOTURE” actually do in stopping the toture ?

(Nothing, all it might do is raise the awareness of the toture.) (Like a doctor pulling out an instrument to tell you what your sick with, but not giving you the medicine to cure you)

If we were to actively “STOP TOTURE”, wouldn’t we need to toture the toturers ??

(Yay, its a moral paradox, eg In order to stop the murderers, we need to murder them.)

25 cents for one candle wholesale, 4 dollars donation, where does all the extra money go ??

(Probably into someone’s pocket, volunteers getting paid, well then they aren’t volunteering)

And finally why did the thought of telling the charity worker to be quiet , as a method of stopping toture only occur to me when I was at least a kilometre away ?

There are many questions / morals to this post, but the main ones are
People want what they don’t have, and the more you push something on someone this more they will fight against it.

Donations / Religious beliefs / Tips / |Insert relevant plural noun here| are obligatory, the moment they are forced on someone, they become a torture on those who thought they were obligatory

Best of luck to all

Benjamin Southall / Appleman1234 =)

3 Responses to It has been while, but it was worth it…..

dallas says: June 7, 2006 at 10:05 am

Wow what a fabulous first post.

You manage to cover a range of humanitarian topics. As a volunteer charity worker myself ( I can sense the collective efforts of the torture volunteers that you encountered, as well as your own pessimistic stance and general distaste and wonder about how effective efforts like this are.

Volunteering for a cause has more of a profound effect with the volunteer than that of the cause being administered. Some people are suicidal youth, and some people are bleeding hearts wanting desperately to be that hero. I can see simularaties with business (eg the interim ceo who steps in to stem a bleeding organisation, or vulture fund managers who move in on mortgagee homes), or lawyers (eg IP champions wanting to put up a fight with big business, and ambulance chasers).

I’m glad this is not another tech blog, we’re overflowing with them. There should be a news flash when you connect to the internet simmilar to a morning radio traffic annoucement. Obviously tech is going to be covered here extensively and that’s to be expected…. branch out Ben and give us your thoughts on a wide variety of areas.


Appleman’s Note to Dallas and anyone else:

Thanks Dallas, please call me Benjamin or Apple / Appleman here, if it is not to much to ask. I am not that partial to Ben. I wil tolerate it, but would prefer not to hear it.

Cheater says: June 7, 2006 at 10:24 pm

dallas is it possible for volenteers to protest without asking for money and blocking half the sidewalk at peak hour?
It might get them more sympathy. πŸ˜‰

bjeanes says: June 12, 2006 at 10:17 pm

hell yeah cheater. i hate how they have to practically jump in front of you as your trying to get to class or go home….such a pain. a good tactic is to “coincidently” get an important call and hurry past them to … i dunno, stop your best friend from jumping out a window in S block hahah. no i am kidding — that’s awful. lol, but so funny =).

i posted a reply on cheaters blog that said “hey apple =)” in reply to yours, but its evidently still pending moderation or just didn’t submit somehow and i cbf writing it again.


p.s. bright blog lol πŸ™‚

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