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Beryl + Nvidia = drool *pretty 3d graphics*, My Userbar beta, Curtis Bayne is online

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

This is my attempt at a short post. I have been configuring and updating my Gentoo for a LAN party that is happening on Thursday and for the warranty repairs that are happening to my laptop on Friday. In this process I have installed and configured Beryl, and wow is it beautiful. Unlike everyone else I am not going to post screenshots or videos. If you want to see it you will have to visit my laptop or get a copy on an XGL Linux LiveCD, like Koroora or Sabayon (3.2 is out yay!).

UPDATE: Alt f2 run dialog shortcut works with aquamarine :).

I have been on IRC provided some form of tech support for a few ocasional open source projects, while job seeking, party planning, and computer configuring. I have managed to make an animated Userbar for myself (I compiled all the images and used gimp’s animation abilities ). See below. (BTW my gallery and MYSQL are boxing at the moment, so until I hear from Cheater regarding phpmyadmin, images in my previous posts may not show up, if anything it will be a count of those who actually read and or care about my blog)

My userbar beta :)

In other news, Pokemon Emerald is easy and boring and Curtis Bayne’s blog is back online, I also got pestered by some random on IRC regarding Tesla’s perpetual energy inventions and some facts regarding maths, physics, chemistry and quantum. I am worried for his mental stability and approach, and surprised that I learned nothing from what he told me that I wasn’t aware of already.

Another weird thing to note we had different JW’s show up at our house this week. (Kind of made me miss the usual ones, as these ones were pushy and interested in the construction of the rammed earth walls than any theological discussion, oh well)
This blog’s query is Do you believe we don’t exist ? If so / If not why ? What are the requirements of existence ? or of the proof of existence ?

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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