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A Brave New World, Times are a changing, Go back three spaces ?, Fruit Salad … Yummy Yummy

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

My break is just starting to get busy. I started my research scholarship yesterday. Its two days a week and it is great fun.

I am working with Chris Savini, with Michael Lawley ( as my supervisor. I will be most likely working on porting diff to MDA & Tefkat (no we didn’t try to fry a cat, it is a model transformation language (, or working on writing a visualisation or graphical editing tool using GMF, EMF, GEF or some other Java based visualisation library.

Before that I was trying to recover my soul and psyche from the stress of exams and the year gone by. I started playing Neopets (Thanks Sabrina), now I have a pet that won’t abadon me or die on me, or run away. I still have to complete the flash AAA game challenges sometime over the next few days.

Don’t forget commas between different IDs in CSS this mistake cost me two hours of sleep. I will probably also start filling some Gentoo Bugs, as the list of packages that aren’t compiling cleanly is getting about the usual 4. I also will be working on two game development projects if all goes well, and two web development projects as well, and my Gentoo developer quiz & Wesnoth translation and the rest of the other stuff and things.

I am also transcribing and recording the skits. If you are bored during the break and want to catch up with me, just give me a bell or a ring or something. Chris is making Fruit Salad using Tefkat & Eclipse has had to start again at least 4 times, and taken over 8 hours, and while the Wiggles may call fruit salad yummy yummy, it is starting to become tedious.

But at least we know our way around Eclipse, EMF and Tefkat. I have also done several GMF tutorials, so I might hack something up with them. I also won 60 free texts in a Optus win promo, so I am able to send and reply lots of texts over the next 3 weeks or so…..

The only thing I am going to say about my first voting / election experience is that when I got to the booth, I looked at ballot papper for the house of representatives expecting to see 7 choices (the example had 7), with the 7th being Doctor Who from the Australian Timelord Party. Of course there was only 6 entries so I had a WTF look on my face, and I had to place my 1 in the box of another candidate that wasn’t Doctor Who … πŸ™

I also need to send away for my Keypass ID, and need to catch up with everyone, my family is a having party around Christmas sometime (my younger siblings wanted it), so I will send the inivites round via email.

Have fun and enjoy whatever you are doing,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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