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The Voice of Silence, Delays and Expectations, Progess

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

I normally apologise for delays, but I am not actually sorry. Any how lets get down to updates which I really wanted to record, hence giving you a video or audio blog instead of what has been referred to by my readers as addictive useful random junk and mountains of monotonous ramblings that cause sleep.

University is back. I am doing 5 Subjects. 2 Maths and 3 IT. So far they are all equally awesome. I am doing TCP & IP , Unix Network Admin, Scientific Programming (aka C & C++), Data Visualisation & Analysis and Advanced Calculus. (dealing with multi variable and differential beasties)

As I have some prior knowledge in parts of the IT subject material, this makes them more enjoyable then if they were brand new. Uni is ok , I guess, the social side of it is confusing with lines between colleague and friend blurred, the lines between colleague and person who insults or teases me Gaussian blurred and the lines between social interactions, emotive relevance and personal satisfactions not actually lines at all but complex illogic hypersurfaces in n dimensional hyperspace which is littered with off cuff remarks, pop tarts and indirect misinterpretable offers of what appears to be positive or negative or sarcastic gestures.

I would elaborate in more detail but since, this isn’t an audio blog or a video blog and since most people can’t visualise social modeling and psychology above 4d hyperspace with hacks, I simply won’t bother.

Other things that are going on include the GIR Cluster, which is the development a supercomputer comprised of a cluster of lesser computers, that a bunch of QUT students (which I am part of) are building and configuring a cluster of computers that we hope to donate to the University to decrease the supercomputing deficient between QUT and UQ.

More info about the GIR Cluster can be obtained via comments, email to me or joining #GIR_Cluster on Freenode via IRC.

I also have a report to finalise for the vacation research project I was engaged in during the holidays, a game manual to update and append for Thousand Parsec, A transition period in the becoming a Gentoo Developer Process (I do work, and then mentor looks at my quiz), A excel calculator to finish, A web solution to develop, A eeepc that isn’t mine to setup the vpn on and lots lots more.

Frankly I am quite busy and need to focus on achieving things, which is hard when the amount of stuff that you want to communication is approaching several gigabytes and noone has time to listen, and your brain can either parse your thoughts in self reflection or it can focus on other scheduled tasks.

I also seem to be running late, which is probably due to a dodgy internal CMOS battery :P, or some other reason, mainly being that I need to get everything off my mind before full processing and memory access can be dedicated to the scheduled tasks.

If the above is technobable to you, then it is ironic that I am using computing metaphors and to deanthropomorhise my brain as to actual explain the mental and social conditioning it uses is quite complex and verbose. I did manage to achieve some things on the supposed break (which was only really a break for doing 4 or 5 uni subjects), which include giving out a birthday present, catching up with a relative that has just got back from Las Vegas and numerous software updates for my laptop and organisational updates for my person.

Family is mostly in City now and at the other unit, a Chinese exchange student is being hosted (not some sort of server, an actual awesome human being), She seems like a wonderful person, She currently owes me twenty dollars and she is doing Year 12 at the same school as my brother (although he is doing a different year level).

I have also volunteered to assist in the administration of a LAN that is happening at the RNA showgrounds in April 12 to 13. I have the 8th and 9th of March booking a conference at the Golden side of things. I am really missing not having Vovage of the Damned as I wanted as a birthday present and have waiting 2 months with no avail.

If you want to catch up with me just contact me and I am happy to let you know my schedule via email, if you want to contact me you know how to reach me. Audacity doesn’t record because of Portaudio ALSA issues, which will take a while to get in tree and OSS just freezes up with USB microphone.

Libsoup is also broken, and I got Skencil to build with Tcl 8.5 but it has runtime issues, I could just merge upstream’s patches but I will wait. Things on the Tcl and Tk front should improve as 8.5 is now stable. Otherwise emerge -avuD world works fine.

I am also tutoring Maths B and Physics and helping out lots of people with lots of stuff, if you are looking for help or tutoring on anything just let me know. Favours are great fun. πŸ™‚

I was going to deliberate into something a little more ravenous but as I will be leaving soon, I will instead take the shallower path, only postponing the inevitable.

Best wishes

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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