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Dainty precocity, rinse and repeat and elaborate grandiose glass shards

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Greetings people,

The time of disentanglement is upon us. Finally free from the multiple integrands that ranged between t =0 and t = lots, I have the hourglass worth of time to quickly jot down some notes as to how life is , has been and will be.

Assessment is all over now, it should go well. Subjects are already choosen for next semester. Thousand Parsec wxPython client manual update finally got acheived today (after several delays and some disturbances). Ivanhoe has his memory back (the hdd was replaced) but his hands are paralysed (usb devices don’t received an address and hence aren’t automounted).

Ulrica (laptop) is world upto date and the only thing bothering me other than the luck of duck tape for the DVB-T aerial, is that my webcam mic isn’t recording in arecord or Audacity. Not much is happening so any invites are welcome.

Spheres of influence are interesting things, I might resume my metamodeling if I have the time,


Keep it secret , keep it safe,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

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