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Vanishing Sizzler, Demonic Creations

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I just discovered that the Queen St Mall Sizzler doesn’t exist. And that is such a shame. I remember when the Queen St Mall used to have a rollercoster at the top of it and used to have a LEGO playground. Such fund childhood memories.

As you probably know the words succubus and incubbus are names of demons that sleep with their victims and torment them. These words come from the Latin root cubare (“To lie”), and the prefixes in and sub, which mean on top and below respectively. Getting bored with just these demons, I began elaborating on less gender specific demons below using other Latin prefixes.

List of Demons

jugccubi I lie chained
juxtaccubi I lie beside
intracubbi I lie within
retrocubbi I lie behind
velocubbi I lie quickly
uncubbi I lie hooked
transcubbi I lie across
strepcubbi I lie twisted
fellacubbi I lie sucking
paccubbi I lie peacefully
regcubbi I lie straight
pravcubbi I lie crooked
phalacubbi I lie shining
percubbi I lie through
oedcubbi I lie swollen
odorcubbi I lie fragant
nudcubbi I lie naked
lenicubbi I lie gently
lacrimcubbi I lie crying
ignicubbi I lie on fire
contracubbi I lie against
concubbi I lie with
cirrcubbi I lie curled (tentacle)
aurcubbi I lie golden
augcubbi I lie growing
audicubbi I lie listening
ambicubbi I lie on both sides
amorcubbi I lie loving
abscubbi I lie away

I just finished fiddling around with indices referencing stuff, it is an a -1 , rather than a, just to spite you…

Saturday was spent with Aunt and Uncle from WA and was quite nice if not a very long day, I got up at 6am (went to bed a 1:30am) and then went to the Rocklea Markets…..

Hope you are having as much fun with assessment and other odds and ends as I am or am not,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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