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Headstrong, Grammatical Diversions, Blossoms of Glee, and Soto Ayam

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

My head hurts courtesy of the 4 hours sleep and the lethargy attempts to consume me whilst choking and hicupping madly. Threadspace Hyperbol is an interesting distraction, and my reflections on psychology, humanity and other odds ends prance about like a young elk in the spring time.

I am now free from scheduled uni contact time till next year. However I am still required to sort out the CRA mess for one of my group projects, if the lecturer gets back to me, and also to start work and study on two of the subjects I am doing next semester. (repeating Advanced Calculus and project work for the Capestone Project subject).

I am also attempting to lavish my time on a daunting but magnificient swarm of projects and activities.


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