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Early bird gets the matyrdom, spaghetti,causality

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Been very busy. Doors closing and windows opening.

Employer and physical location have changed. I had such a wonderful experience giving my own goodbye speech. Thanks to everyone at Emerchants that made working there so fuffilling and fun.

Have enjoyed saying good bye to several people in Australia, including a wonderful fish dinner complete with discussion regarding children conditioning their parents with verbal triggers, the nature and definition of live and living. (See announcement of synthetic life here and the line between life and non file here by Martin Hanczyc, also  see Theo Jansen’s Synthetic Creatures here , also see the Chinese Room Thought Experiment).

For most of the information from the life and living discussion see the Wikipedia article on Life .

Other highlights included a wonderful meal at Giardinetto’s, and walking to Red Hill and back again in the rain armed with only an umbrella. Walking makes you appreciate the weather, and distance and the nature beauty of your surroundings. Other methods of transports are certain more efficient and get you further with less effort, but ensure your journey is a different one entirely, even if the location is the same.

My earlier trip out to Fernvale and the relevant bbirthday celebrations of my great aunt and her amazing friend was magnificent, though the conversation was a little too political for my taste. The scones and the company was divine though.

Other recent fun experiences include two vaccinations and one blood test with band-aid that didn’t stick. Blood is no match for a microfibre shirt (didn’t even need bleach), and got to tell everyone that I was mauled by a bear.

Vaccination also make you appreciate life at the cellular level, which at first glance in the world around you doesn’t appear to be noticeable unless you are born with microscopic supervision or something similar.

As Nick said to me earlier, you don’t realise how much stuff you have until you are moving house. Apparently his move went very well, which is good. I also enjoyed a Reddit Board Games meetup.

I was able to play Munchkin, Scrabble, Cranium & Mao, and spectate Game of Thrones (I haven’t watched the television show yet, but if it is like the board game, then I can understand the attraction) .

Highlights of the Cranium game, included the failed guessing of Al Pacino from Scar Face (based on my team mate’s wonderful rendention, and my total mental blank), the failed guessing of a Whole New World from Aladdin after I whistled and hummed my heart out, and the failed guessing of the event the Baby Boom , when the best I could render from my partner’s actions was the hilarious but not quite correct “PREGNANCY EXPLOSION!!!”. It was a pleasure to meet Jesta Mctogaboy and his partner, I hope her online Mafia game goes well.

I also met an interesting character on the train on the way to the Board Games Meetup, and another different interesting character on the way home.

Other game playing that occurred whilst saying good bye, included a spectacular set of games of Mexican Train Dominios , though we seemed to be playing without the namesake train, never the less it was a very fun night, hearing about my great uncle’s bowling championship win, seeing his thriving vegetable garden and of course his wonderful trips to Los Vegas.

In terms of technology. I have been researching laptops, but haven’t replaced my EEEPC 1000h yet, stuff at work before it finished was mainly just a mini adventure in consumption of WCF webservices using WSDL rather than MEX, and having to flatten the WSDL to remove imports that had location uris using internal IP addresses, and then explicitly override the base address of the site. Thanks SSW .NET Ninjas Brisbane Branch for all the fun.

Other work stuff was mostly generating written and verbal handover documentation.

I haven’t managed to define Life generally yet , let alone my current life, but Life seems to be defined by the actions one takes, the choices one makes and journey along the way.

What does Life to mean to you ?
Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂


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