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Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,


Long time, no update, mainly because I couldn’t find the correct words to express the emotions and circumstances.


All the while I re-realise what I first learnt at Uber Tweak so many years ago.
If I don’t write then eventually I won’t be able to contain myself in the realms of my mind alone.


Today is the public holiday Coming of Age Day (成人の日).

Also it is currently snowing in Tokyo, Yokohama and Shinyokohama. This is a big surprise as I didn’t expect to see snow.

See pictures below.


See poor quality video here  (taken from phone, will convert from 3gp to HTML5 at a latter point, watch using vlc or mplayer currently)


Work is still quite busy.


Milestones to date (一里塚):

  •  First Birthday away from family (離れて家族からの初めての誕生日)
  •  First Christmas away from family (離れて家族から最初のクリスマス)
  •  First New years away from family (離れて家族から最初の正月)

Achievements since previous post (because I tend to focus on the stuff I don’t manage to do) (これまでの成果):

  • Acquired hanko (adventure at Hanko store, went well, though it funny the proprietor tried to make small talk regarding my hometown as he had his honeymoon there) (判子 取得すった )
  • Acquired bank account (one rejection (I was not turtley enough for the turtle club) and another application later, found it funny that phone number is required to apply for bank account here.) (銀行預金口座 取得すった )
  • Submitted tax return on time (trip to post office, one of several, but the first to use prioritized mail) (時間通りに提出され、税務申告)
  • Immunized against Hep B (took a different route to get there the second time, which was much shorter and easier,
  • other anecdotes about the nearby cemetery, and the behaviour of children in doctor’s waiting rooms ,which doesn’t seem to change, regardless of where you are)  (B型肝炎について免疫)
  • Attended Tokyo Christmas Reddit Meetup (Yaki-niku, and pitcher of pineapple soda was delicious, the ridiculous walking around in circles in various attempts to carol Shibuya whilst only knowing choruses, not so much, though the Christmas costume stores seemed to appreciate our efforts to increase their business), on my train trip to Shibuya, I was on a special golden train, lots of spectators were taking pictures of it, I still don’t know why.) (「東京 reddit」 のクリスマスパーティー に 出席 於 渋谷)
  • Another trip to Devilcraft for a coworker’s birthday celebration. (More deep dish pizza, craft beer for everyone else, and more pineapple juice for me) (関内でDevilCraftで誕生日パーティーに出席)
  •  Have learnt Hiragana (平仮名) and Katakana (カタカナ), still practicing on recall when reading however.

Technology wise:

NAS fan died, then NAS died. (NASが死んだ)
Not sure of the status of 3 HDDs I have which all don’t work in my external caddy (various symphonies of clicking and beeping),
but they may work when plugged into an actual power supply, so I will try that before deposing of them.
One of them contains most of my TV , Games and some of my anime archive, so I hope it is not dead. (HDDはうんざりしている)

I will need to get a new NAS + router. (私は新しいNAS+ルータを取得する必要があります)
Ideally it will be hackable, running Linux, have 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi, either have drive support or multiple USB ports,
ESATA would be nice as well. Short list of possible candidates never eventuated.

EEEPC laptop isn’t dead yet, though HDD is in bad state, screen is damaged and AC adapter barely works.  (EEEPC はうんざりしている)
Lenovo laptop is going well, though there are still configuration things I would like to improve,

  •  some of the UIM, Scim behaviour
  • webcam support for Skype comes and goes with Kernel version
  • Various custom ebuilds I made earlier, that I have to find and install
  • Sorting of home directory contents

Learning wise I have been mainly watching various 29c3 videos (Tamagotchi Presentation, along with Hacker Jeopardy were my highlights),
the occasional video, and one or two C++ channel9 videos.

In terms of what I did for my time off.

I didn’t do much mainly study Japanese, and watch the anime Gintama.

I really like the intertextuality. The humour was also supportive.

Apologies in advance if the translations don’t contain the banter of my native tongue, banter seems difficult to translate in a way where not only the meaning is isomorphic but also the expression and emotivity. I will also have to continue translating this post & updating this post.

Hopefully I manage to slowly revive some dormant side projects.

I hope everyone’s new year is interesting.

Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall




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