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Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hi everyone, 皆さんこんにちは, Long time, no update, mainly because I couldn’t find the correct words to express the emotions and circumstances. 正しい言葉が欠落していたので、私は長い時間で書かれていない。 All the while I re-realise what I first learnt at Uber Tweak so many years ago. If I don’t write then eventually I won’t be able to contain myself in the realms of my mind alone. 私が記述する必要があることを覚えて. Today is the public holiday Coming of Age Day (成人の日). Also it is currently snowing in Tokyo, Yokohama and Shinyokohama. This is a big surprise as I didn’t expect to see snow. See pictures below. 423427430436 See poor quality video here  (taken from phone, will convert from 3gp to HTML5 at […]