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Sweet dreams are made of sugar ?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hi everyone, New things :  Fixed second hole in umbrella  Darned hole in pants (Cloth hacking FTW)  Plenty of apricot nectar  More Icecream and Blueberries  Pineapple Juice  New Icecream Scoop  Got book I loaned back  Got new working headphones SSL update broke AMSN (still looking for fix) Found someone’s special lost magazines and books. Rescued someone that was lost. Had 4 litres of Mountain Dew recently. Work keeping me busy. Was delayed by random stranger that referred to Australia’s heart as dead and didn’t appreciate subjective aestheticism. Caught up with several colleagues from who I met at university. This was good. We talked about animals in pet shops, adoption, Advanced Microsoft Word, […]