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Latha Bealltainn

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hi everyone, 皆さんこんにちは, Long time, no see. 久しぶりですね. Updates, アップデート Went to Malaga Spain for work for what was supposed to be 1 week, which ended up being 2 weeks. 仕事 にマラガスペイン へ行った。1週間期間ことになっている。しかしながら 2週間期間なっている。 Hotel was fine. It was very close to the office, (which everyone else said was a bad idea, but I found it nice to be back to a short walk commute to work, like I had previously in Brisbane).  Highlight was the Spanish TV channel Boing, which had Doraemon (both series and movies) in Japanese and Code Lyoko in English  (yay for Dual Audio) . ホテル を良い とでした。ホテル は事務所に非常に近い。ホテルの一番いい点は Code Lyoko と ドラえもん 見てい のために「Boing」テレビ局持っている た 。 Other […]