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I don’t know where your going, but I might just come along for the ride..

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Journey or Destination ??
Hey everyone,

In such busy times (busy for me anyways), I begin to wonder, do we notice ourselves getting caught up in the destination rather than the journey or the journey rather than the destination. I finished my Scheme (Awesome programming language, LISP derivative and annoyer of my colleagues) exam on Saturday and then proceeded to make my way to an appointment on Roma and Ann St (The street names don’t really matter).

After about 30 to 45 minutes of walking I finally got where I was going to, only then to realise that the journey made with some colleagues / friends (if they are not friends yet they will be, as they will probably put up with for another 2.5 years minimum ;p) was the most haphazard way of getting to my destination. What could have been 15 minutes had became 45.

Why my friends continued to follow me? I have no clue.
Why I went the way I did ? Well it was because I made an incorrect assumption and looked for a street corner in the wrong direction.

If this post was a simple as that, I would have posted it much earlier, however it and other events up until now got me thinking.

What is more important ..? the journey or the destination ..?

In 3.5 years time, when I get my degrees in hand, will I then relish that moment or the 4 years of work, fun and the experiences I am going to share ?

We started a puzzle (2000 pieces) at home a few nights ago, what will be more satisfying, the finished puzzle or the time spent to make it ?

Would you rather fly in first class and backpack round the world or fly in economy and five star / ritz everything ?

In my case, I think that I will enjoy the journey more then the destination, just like I will enjoy my life rather then my death.

In Plugin News (pun on, and also, Other News ;P)

I have been searching for and installing / configuring wordpress and amsn plugins. I am looking for a random fortune or quote plugin. But all the ones I find are dead linked when download url is given.

Whilst searching I found a website (Ray or Curtis please check it out…) and lots of weird and wonderful plugins and themes, but not the ones I was looking for.

I have got stop or start having decent religious discussions, not really sure which or why ?

In conclusion and in regards to the journey, I end this post with a quote:

I’m a pilgrim on the edge, on the edge of my perception. We are travellers at the edge, we are always at the edge of our perceptions.

Scott Mutter

Best wishes to all

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 =)

3 Responses to I don’t know where your going, but I might just come along for the ride..

bjeanes says: June 13, 2006 at 10:23 pm

i have asked that question to myself often. the journey one i mean. i agree totally. the destination would be valueless without a journey to validate it. i mean, the thing about a destination is that it is some place or some state which you are not in, but you wish to get to. if you just … got there, without any interesting journey or struggle, then you haven’t really gotten anywhere at all, at least not meaningful to your being. that’s my take anyway. lol and so true abuot the death thing, life kicks ass over dying …. well.. so far, at least =P


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