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Cartography, broken glass, dead butterfiles, solitary mathematics, eternal yearning.., Do you want to die tommorow?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

My IT exams are finished, now with only mathematics exams to go. Meanwhile Cheater / Nick Stallman (a very good colleague / friend of mine, just wish the jokes weren’t all on me) is busy porting the IT Block from Reality to Counterstrike. (3d modelling / map making, etc)

Which brings us to Cartography and Broken glass :

Cartography is the study of maps and map making. (for those who don’t know) . Maps are geographical models of Reality. Why Cheater is making CS map of the Green Room is an interesting question. When I asked him, he said it was because he wanted to shoot me in the Green Room in Reality but couldn’t so CS was the next best thing. He also said that he’d settle for stabbing me.

I again asked him why and then offered my pocket-knife …, to which he then ensured me it was all in jest.

Which makes me think about how we perceive reality ? Do we use our perceptions to model reality, so that we can understand it.

Cartography, logic, mathematics and perception are all different models of reality. (Oops I mentioned mathematics too early oh well ;P)

If we make all these models of reality then we define what we see and do in Reality as being Realistic and yet sometimes from a different perception it isn’t. Reality is thus dependent on our perception of it.

The topic of dialogue, after him decimating me (exaggeration) in CS on PoolParty, (The ratio was about (me)1: 1.7(him))(more brackets for those who hate Scheme ;P, Sorry to those who do but I am not making many assumptions regarding the readers of this blog), then became how to manage the breaking of the glass from some of the Green room windows in his map.

I told him to make it linked separate entities but he admentaly stated that there was no programming language behind Valve Hammer editor (TM Valve as is CS) and to do it that way would be a dirty hack, I then asked / pointed out about the elevators. =p Whilst we are on the subject of broken glass, another Uni’s colleague Windows is busted by spyware and virii today.

I tried to help him, but he went offline. Myself, a devoted Linux (TM , Linus Torvalds) user, believe the all Windows problems can be fixed by switching =) or at least by hardware format. (intertextual ITB004 reference ANSI-SPARC criteria for logical data independence isn’t met by Windows, as the easiest way to fix a logical data corruption is to do so at hardware / physical level).

(Any mention of Windows is TM Microsoft aka Microshaft aka Mirco^%*@ and Windows of Microsoft software are in no way endorsed or recommended if you in any way value the goodness of your computing experience or the stability of your operating system .)

Onwards to Dead Butterfiles, Solitary mathematics and eternal yearning ,

Dead butterfiles.., It is said that the oils on our skin, stop butteflies from flying, thus no flight = no food / pollen = death in maximum 3 days. (edited from death upon contact, as Cheater pointed out the flaw. ;))

ASIDE (This subject and blog post has many metaphors and multiple / hidden meanings, I have tried to make a fair few obvious for cohesion, (my blog , cohesive, semi-oxymoron), but the rest are like Wally (Waldo sounds bad, intertextual reference to blogs on my blogrolls anti-america posts.), (bracket haters scream now ;P)), Oddlaw, and Wanda, you have look hard to find them)

Dead butterflies are like things that we wish to do but can never successfully attain. (Like Nick’s humourous desire to shoot me in Green Room), hence the eternal yearning in title. Many Windows users have issues, that they complain about or put up with but fixing them is like a dead butterfly.

Numerous others play the lottery / other gambling or have romantic relationships which the result is a dead butterfly. Like the stuff we go to buy in the shops, that is never there or always out of price range or stock.

So there are numerous things we eternally yearn for that are dead butterflies and most of us don’t realise this till too late.

Also on eternal yearning, goto Google (Tm Google) image search and look for interesting adjectives / nouns. (ie redemption, agony, euphoria etc). The results will either shock or intrigue you.

And finally onto the Cool stuff Mathematics and Death :

This weekend I will be studying for my maths exams amongst other things. BTW I wonder if one could use probability to accurately predict the chance of a desire being a dead butterfly. Maybe I have found a use for my linking circular logic structures after all.

But I should probably focus on stuff that will be on Exam.

Ok Death, Death is Death and the concluding question and notes are:

Paraphasing a well known quote, It is better to have a dead butterfly than no butterfly at all ? (Or is it)

And another one: You can chase a butterfly all day, but there is no point in catching one.

Counterquote: Yes there is, if you wear gloves.

Is death better than live with numerous / or infinite dead butterflies ?

I would love to know what you think.

All the best

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 =)

7 Responses to Cartography, broken glass, dead butterfiles, solitary mathematics, eternal yearning.., Do you want to die tommorow?

Cheater says: June 16, 2006 at 3:08 am

Well last time I checked the oils prevented their wings from working properly by removing the fine dust on the wings.
Its not poisionous to them – they just cant fly. πŸ˜‰

If you handle them carefully they are fine. I’ve done it a few times (mostly carrying moths outside).

Benjamin Southall says: June 16, 2006 at 3:10 am

Fine, Fine, But no fly = no food = dead =)
Any gloves avoid any in capacitating of them
Always busting my bubbles =)

Bodaniel Jeanes says: June 16, 2006 at 4:47 am

hrm … i wonder if they would even last 3 days… *shakes head* … poor bastards.

nick, didn’t know u were modelling for cs. is it just the green room, an entire floor, or all of the IT building? lol, that’d be ambitious. lemme know if you know any textures, i know a few really good modders/skinners who’d be happy to. but then again, if its the green room then all u need is a 1×1 pixel green texture lmao =P.

apple, your cryptic writing techniques aside, i think what i am about to say is relevant to your post, and correct me if i am wrong. p.s. not sure if i can use blockquotes, but let’s see:

Which makes me think about how we perceive reality ? Do we use our perceptions to model reality, so that we can understand it.

I have often sat around pondering this question. I think that is how we “imagine.” I mean, imagination/dreaming is such a unique ability we all have (lol oxymoron); I can only imagine (no pun intended), that this ability stems from some form of inner cartography, where by our minds are constantly mapping out the world by which we are surrounded, such that we can hypothesize and plan inside it with no real consequence. it’s a kind of inate virtual reality. it’s pretty cool eh πŸ™‚

nice post apple. Bo

Benjamin Southall says: June 16, 2006 at 5:00 am

Bo, you found the Wizard =), good job
Bonus for anyone who can find Odlaw’s girlfriend or Woof.

Bodaniel Jeanes says: June 16, 2006 at 6:53 am

cheater, that’s awesome. have you got an eta till a playable rough cut is done? not to rush you or anything… but its a sweet idea. then we can e-kill that little annoying 15-y/o asian kid who has that whiny voice :-o. ok that’s bad… jk .. but he is pretty annoying.


Curtis Bayne says: June 17, 2006 at 3:58 pm

Remember, I have a dedicated CS server happening at the moment, so we should be able to set up a dedicated server instance that hosts just that map πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone is well

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