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If QUT was an IRC server

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

*Now talking on #qut
Topic for #qut is: Education as usual, Breaking the student code of regulations will not be tolerated, Automatic redirects to appriopriate sub-channels- Website:, etc

Appleman1234 has joined #qut
Appleman1234 has been redirected to #qut-greenroom
Cheater512 has joined #qut
Cheater512 has been redirected to #qut-greenroom
Bo has joined #qut
Bo has been redirected to #qut-greenroom
Phracture has joined #qut
Phracture has been redirected to #qut-greenroom

*Now talking on #qut-greenroom
Topic for #qut-greenroom is: Education as usual, Breaking the student code of regulations will not be tolerated, Please observe the new rules and signs due to the recent vandalism and spamming of this channel:Website:, etc
Appleman1234: Hey everyone
Cheater512: Hi
Bo: Hey
Phracture: Wassup people
Appleman1234: Not much
Cheater512: Just finishing the map πŸ˜‰
Appleman1234: Studying for exams
Phracture: admin: Kick me, I dare you !
admin: Can’t kick Phracture, Phracture is enrolled.
Phracture: Come you can to better than that..
Phracture installs server in #qut-greenroom
Appleman1234: Nice
Cheater512 pulls out Gentoo CDs and winks
Appleman1234 giggles
Phracture: Don’t you fucking start with that shit!
admin: Phracture warning: Please don’t swear or shout
Phracture: Make me!!
admin: Desist, or your enrollment will be terminated and you will be kicked
Phracture: Like I care, it is not as if I want to be here
admin: Fine, processing proper paperwork
Appleman1234: Come on Phracture, stay here
admin: Phracture has been kicked from #qut-greenroom (“Too cool for #qut-greenroom”)
admin: Phracture has been kicked from #qut (“Too cool for #qut”)
Appleman1234: =(
Cheater512: πŸ™
Bo: wtf ??
Bo: Why did he go ??
Appleman1234: He didn’t want to be here
Cheater512 looks at remaining server and Gentoo CDs and smiles
Cheater512: brb, getting jolt and mars bar
Cheater512: You should have some Apple
Appleman1234: No thanks
Appleman1234 laments the loss of Phracture
Appleman1234 buries himself in mathematics study to try to forget
Appleman1234: Grrr, He would have done so well =(
Cheater512: Rofl, Just won another free mars bar
Appleman1234: On the bright side at least no more Bald Knob jokes
Cheater512: Bald Knob, rofl
Appleman1234: Damn I spoke to soon


Whilst being a realistic as possible, this is only a model of reality and poor one at that. It was purely created in the name of comedy. Damn this post was supposed short.
Best of luck to all,

especially Curtis Bayne, may you have success in any endeavour you undertake.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

6 Responses to If QUT was an IRC server

Benjamin Southall says: June 18, 2006 at 1:50 am

Well You are rarely in the greenroom when Curtis is and when you are, you are with your own friends talking to them, I tried to keep it realistic…

Bodaniel Jeanes says: June 20, 2006 at 10:17 pm

haha yeah i wasn’t comlaining. i just found it funny how life-accurate it was :-p

and besides, i was “spending t ime with my other friends” mostly because we had gay 002 work to do. oh yeah, and they are also awesome, but thats a sidenote

Benjamin Southall says: June 20, 2006 at 11:28 pm

Lol, I already realised this, and that is why I made the IRC model the way I did.

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