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I survived the test of Mathematics, If I pass then all is well, amongst other things

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

I survied my first mathematics exam.

In hindsight I should have studied more. Besides not fully remembering the rigourous definition and proof of limits and running out of time and being confused by implicit differentiation syntax I didn’t do that bad, IMHO.

The MAB111 exam was also very stressful unlike the IT ones. I was annoyed going into the exam because I didn’t know the subject material fluid (only in bits and blocks) and as much as I like to only blame myself, I definitely sure there were other factors invovled.

Stuff that annoyed me: The formula sheet (7 pages) had all the formulae expected for the ones you where confused about or needed to clarify your memory of. The way the exam presented itself was confusing. etc. I knew how to do the maths and answer the questions. I just got stuck remembering stuff or got confusing by weird syntax.

Anyways, providing I pass which I should I am over it. Someone mentioned that such things as supplementary exams, but I am not sure I should go through this again.

One thing is for sure , this will probably not happen again. If in future I have an issue with a subject, I will not let it affect marks, I will instead implement a supplementary studying plan.

Definitely studying harder for 112 , once burned, twice shy.

Other Stuff

Lost my fan fic, and had to get it off a test reader. So now I have it again and when I continue writing I shall have to redo Hagrid. My fanfic is rated ZGestapo%qwerty and should only read by tolerant minds with a Good sense of humour. Some of the people that have read it hate / think it is gross etc , others to what the fanfic was designed to acheive: make them laugh their heads off.

Fixed my wesnoth map. =). Happy Birthday Cheater. Your present would have been reading my fic, last night, but you didn’t like that so I will have to find something else. (Maybe I can recruit Curtis in my quest to get fortune on the server so that, this site has fortune.) BTW I have semi-installed WP-quotes but can’t be bothered activating it or compiling all quotes from fortune.

Cake is nice, I am going to have some soon. Other interesting things include Curtis’ Crusade to overload efa servers, Cheater’s discussion on nuclear power (for more info check my blogroll) and finally Cheater’s birthday reminded me of my own,(its a long way off) but I need to plan for it.

I leave you with the questions, Was Macbeth crazy ? (I know the answer, but want to know what you think) Does anyone what a copy of my fanfic for beta reading ? Should my site have random fortunes ? Did you watch Alice in Wonderland ? (awesome movie) Who wants pistachio icecream for breakfast ?

Best of luck
Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 =)

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