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Madness down the rabbit hole, come with me, how far does it go ?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I am have been very busy lately with numerous time consuming things. I have been spending way too much @ Websinthe Forums. My midsemester exams are coming up soon, and will have to study hard for them.

Subject Update:

ITB005: Going good, lectures aren’t boring despite the fact, I have prior exposure to most of the subject material. Linux labs are easy and fun. The only thing that is irritating were the people sitting next to us (Mirza, Chris S and I) in ITB005 lecture, between not STFU and losing pen lids, it was a PITA. I will have go through tutorial questions again though.

ITB002: Going great. Team agreement is submitted, despite the crappy web interface for submitting it. Our ITB002 is awesome. Consisting of Mirza (MATLAB / Computational Mathematics Wizard), Nikolai (Awesome photographer his site here) and myself, our team though small is dynamic, powerful and very cohesive.

ITB003: Going ok. ELP exercises finally work after my installation of 32bit Java (using overlay)(Sun release WS for 64 bit java, most people won’t need it yet but they will soon). I need to do some study and practice coding. Best news of all is the Monodevelop bug I was having is fixed in SVN and a new MD release is due out within the week. I will become a C HASH / Mono wizard yet.

MAB210: Going good. I really need to catch up on the worksheets. The group activity with Markov chains was easy and great fun. I still do get the assignment done, but given its topic should have little trouble. w00t 4 Marhov Chains

MAB220: Going ok, I need to catch up on the worksheets and lecture I missed. Not to mention the assignment I need complete. It should be easier this time as I now have Maple 9.5 installed and working on my laptop. This subject is awesome.

More Stuff

It seems that I will always come across people who challenge me and my beliefs. Whilst talking / discussing / debating with these people is fun and interesting it is also very time consuming and I have decided whilst not cutting back on it, instead to keep my eyes aware of the time and to ensure that I waste as little as possible. Time doesn’t enjoy being wasted.

It also seems that I am earning my keep from my wonderful host Nick Stallman, by acting as an a form of early problem detection because when my site has a problem , it is highly likely that Nick’s free PHPNuke hosting site ( is suffering the same or a similar problem.

Also people seem to like to ignore illogic and emotion, even when by doing some they display emotion with their logic and they unknownly use illogic. Please learn to accept that illogic is as plausible as logic. Both are similar things with different basses. Truth -> Logic -> Reasoning. Faith -> Illogic -> Chaos (Possibly not sure yet)

If you can accept and tolerate this, then please take the purple and green pill (all natural, not a drug), slide down the rabbit hole and join me, if you can’t then pack up and go home. πŸ™‚ You won’t know what your missing out on.

Redirection from the metaphor’s challenge

BTW I need more readers, so if you my readers know of people that would not mind reading about my thoughts and my life please encourage them to. I am not that scary honest ;).

Also I have rediscovered the stories from Jim Henson’s the Story Teller. The transcripts of them are availiable here .
Have fun and live life.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

PS: This post’s question is Did you slide down the rabbit hole ?

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