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Madness down the rabbit hole, come with me, how far does it go ?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I am have been very busy lately with numerous time consuming things. I have been spending way too much @ Websinthe Forums. My midsemester exams are coming up soon, and will have to study hard for them.

Subject Update:

ITB005: Going good, lectures aren’t boring despite the fact, I have prior exposure to most of the subject material. Linux labs are easy and fun. The only thing that is irritating were the people sitting next to us (Mirza, Chris S and I) in ITB005 lecture, between not STFU and losing pen lids, it was a PITA. I will have go through tutorial questions again though.

ITB002: Going great. Team agreement is submitted, despite the crappy web interface for submitting it. Our ITB002 is awesome. Consisting of Mirza (MATLAB / Computational Mathematics Wizard), Nikolai (Awesome photographer his site here) and myself, our team though small is dynamic, powerful and very cohesive.

ITB003: Going ok. ELP exercises finally work after my installation of 32bit Java (using overlay)(Sun release WS for 64 bit java, most people won’t need it yet but they will soon). I need to do some study and practice coding. Best news of all is the Monodevelop bug I was having is fixed in SVN and a new MD release is due out within the week. I will become a C HASH / Mono wizard yet.

MAB210: Going good. I really need to catch up on the worksheets. The group activity with Markov chains was easy and great fun. I still do get the assignment done, but given its topic should have little trouble. w00t 4 Marhov Chains

MAB220: Going ok, I need to catch up on the worksheets and lecture I missed. Not to mention the assignment I need complete. It should be easier this time as I now have Maple 9.5 installed and working on my laptop. This subject is awesome.

More Stuff

It seems that I will always come across people who challenge me and my beliefs. Whilst talking / discussing / debating with these people is fun and interesting it is also very time consuming and I have decided whilst not cutting back on it, instead to keep my eyes aware of the time and to ensure that I waste as little as possible. Time doesn’t enjoy being wasted.

It also seems that I am earning my keep from my wonderful host Nick Stallman, by acting as an a form of early problem detection because when my site has a problem , it is highly likely that Nick’s free PHPNuke hosting site ( is suffering the same or a similar problem.

Also people seem to like to ignore illogic and emotion, even when by doing some they display emotion with their logic and they unknownly use illogic. Please learn to accept that illogic is as plausible as logic. Both are similar things with different basses. Truth -> Logic -> Reasoning. Faith -> Illogic -> Chaos (Possibly not sure yet)

If you can accept and tolerate this, then please take the purple and green pill (all natural, not a drug), slide down the rabbit hole and join me, if you can’t then pack up and go home. πŸ™‚ You won’t know what your missing out on.

Redirection from the metaphor’s challenge

BTW I need more readers, so if you my readers know of people that would not mind reading about my thoughts and my life please encourage them to. I am not that scary honest ;).

Also I have rediscovered the stories from Jim Henson’s the Story Teller. The transcripts of them are availiable here .
Have fun and live life.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

PS: This post’s question is Did you slide down the rabbit hole ?

3 Responses to Madness down the rabbit hole, come with me, how far does it go ?

Kieran says: August 24, 2006 at 12:26 am

I loved those storyteller stories, Jim Henson was responsible for so much more than the muppets in as much as good entertainment is concerned.

Sarah K says: September 13, 2006 at 10:03 am


I’m sorry for the pen lid incident. I can tell you whole heartedly it wasn’t intentional, nor was it a cry for attention or an attempt to break your concentration and educational experience from ITB005.

In no way, shape or form would I bestow upon another the task of finding a pen lid to serve as a distraction from education. If you remember correctly I was actually trying to tell my friends to shut up on behalf of Mizra and yourself when I pointed with my pen towards you guys. I was not anticipating the lid to fly off.

I found it very considerate of you that you searched in absolute determination to help find the pen lid, my respect for you grew…but now that you say it was irritating…and STFU…well I guess I don’t know what to think anymore.

All I can say is if a task done in honest earnest, empathy and sincererity will be remembered till dawn sets forever upon the world. A task done in spite or methodical duty will pass into abyss of all that is forgotten. I though you did the serach in earnest….your post proves me wrong. Apologies

Benjamin Southall says: September 13, 2006 at 10:34 am

Replying to Sarah K(If you will ever read my blog again given your misconceptions of my nature): Please don’t call me Ben. I prefer Benjamin or Appleman1234 or Apple if you are lazy.

I vehemently hate Ben, I hate the human trait of lazyness over respect that it symbolises, etc.

As to distraction to education: You really couldn’t distract me from 005 as I have had prior exposure to the majority of the subject matter. I am very determined as you noticed.

The lost pen lid was irritating if and only if, the fact that I couldn’t find it and had to move all my existing books / bags / etc around in the process which generated more noise, which disrupted learning of the remaining people in the lectutre. (Well the ones that were not bored brain dead or asleep with open eyes)

AS for STFU: That was an entire different scenario, one fact in I have grown more tolerant of, even if the lecturer hasn’t. The ITB005 lectures aren’t made interesting, it not like the lecturers pull apart the hardware components in a computer for the relevant sections.

Also all the good / hard / fun stuff has been removed / watered down from the subject due to review. I can understand that your social group wants to use the time more efficiently by multi-tasking.

What I don’t get is what your group’s consensus on respect for lecturers is ? (Not that I can speak, I was taught critical literacy and intend to practice it, I usually ask questions for the benefit of the majority, (I am thinking it, others might be), However Since I have realised that people intend to injury me or burn me at stake for this, I might just not bother and keep my questions to myself.)

You seem to all have relative high levels of intelligence given that your social group is prone to verbal making my entire existence a living mockey.

Why is it then that you all don’t develop gestures, note passing, instant messaging between the two laptops or basic lip reading, etc as an alternative form of communication to the talking which you do. that isn’t exacly whispering.

You would still communicate just as effectively but would reduce the noise level by a few decibels, calm the lecturer, etc.

As for your last verse / paragraph , it is wonderful idealistic and poetic, two traits I relatively enjoy. I did search in earnest, but hindsight I wish the either my or my colleagues had caught the pen lid.

Thanks for your contribution

And I add my sincere apologies and condolences if any interpretation of anything I typed / blogged or anything I neglected to type / blog caused distress, upset, anger, insert other negative emotion here.

BTW: I am also going to repost this as a blog post with an addition or two as most can’t be bothered reading long replys.

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