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Hell’s library is run by an expatriate, sleepless nights, logic and faith, amongst other madness

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

It seems my last post was too soon. πŸ™‚ I am now in the process of recompiling every useful application so that it will find libexpat 2, which has had a recent ABI change. It is things like this, that prove that the perserverance and patience I have actually has a use. Lucky for me, I am using a dirty symlink hack (ln -s newlib oldlib) to allow my computer to function, well enough until revdep-rebuild finishes.

On the upside my sound works on startup as I found out in my C HASH (This is my campaign to get it reknown as C HASH) lecture, when the KDE startup sound cheerfully blasted out of my laptop speakers during the first third of the lecture.

It is true that Gentoo and Linux has its niggles, but at least with Linux you can fix them because of the nature of the ideals of opensource. BTW I have nothing againist actual expats, my family and I were ones for quite some time.

(C HASH) I have been very busy with university lately especially 002(IT professional skills), but it hasn’t stopped me from thinking and questioning, which lead me the following conclusions;

  • Everyone tries to help so much not realising that all their help does sometimes is create crutches that people don’t want to use.
  • Atheists especially Strong Atheists (Look it up in Wikipedia) and Skeptic Atheists, are hypocritical in the fact that they state they have faith in nothing, whilst not realising or acknowledging that they have faith in the methods that justify their statement, our the methods that justify their methods and so and thus forth. (I probably should elaborate and I will later, but this blog has so much to cover.)
  • My First Postulate: Everything = Anything = Nothing;

Let a be everything , (for my fellow mathematics blog readers a is a vector)
As nothing is the negation of everything
Therefore nothing = -a
The magnitude of nothing (|nothing|) = a
Anything is anything between everything and nothing, that is the magnitude of anything (|anything|) = 2a,
However the average value of anything is the magnitude divided by the other two bounds = a.
(Or anything can be any value between -a and a, but on average the average magnitude will still be a).
As a = a = a. (Law of equality)
So in terms of magnitude Everything = Nothing = Anything (on average, on random, in everyday life)

Q.E.D. (This is proven.)

  • All facts are either rubbish or irrelevant, this statement is of the second kind. (A quote by me)

UPDATE: Have just completed 002 SP Part 1.

UPDATE 2: libexpat2 issues are fixed.

Updates are what happens when I put my blog on hold and store it in a text file for safe keeping.

Slight elaboration on Logic and Faith

This isn’t full detail, if it was then most of my blog readers would get more lost then they already are. (Well they are reading my blog, so they must be lost :P)

You believe in the existence of an object
Because of this belief, you know this object exists

Your belief is based on one of two things
1. Logic, you can logically (using whatever logic system necessary) prove the validity / reality of this belief.
2. Faith, although you can’t use logic to prove this, you know it to be valid and you believe in its validity without the aid of observation and logic

Your used of the word knowledge is saying you know this to be true, either though logic or faith. You say knowledge makes faith redudant but it actually justs hides the basis of the belief, because if you know the belief is valid you no longer require justification of the belief’s validity. However just because you no longer require it doesn’t mean it no longer exists.

Faith Basis Diagram

The above is a basis diagram. As shown by the diagram faith is the basis of Knowledge. I also have made the extension that faith is the basis of everything, which people find hard to believe. The proof of that I will no go into here, as it is more complex then a basis diagram.

I also went through a proof for the existence of a God amongst other things. (I will not elaborate yet.)

TA: Total Addicted, TA (Total Anhilation) Springs and Cheater’s ties to it.

All the while CS hasn’t being working @ Uni (probably new image), so most gamers / slackers (LAMFs) have been playing DOTA in Warcraft 3. Cheater / Nick Stallman doesn’t really enjoy DOTA, so he found TA springs. (TA springs only has one flaw so far in my opinion Linux and Windows network games not working.) (URL is

He is totally addicted to this game. Evidence is here
First Evidence
Second Evidence
I had to put this blog post on hold 3 times and save it as a text file. This was painful, I now have a sore throat.

Sleepness nights
Like sleepless days
More often then not
Make you tireder, a lot
In a blurry sleep deprived haze.

This little verse has wormed its way in my head, probably due to lack of rest and to dealing with other people with lack of sleep.

I will finish this post now, not because I want to but because I must.

I ask the following questions:
Is the denial of faith, worth only believing in truth ?
What would Hell’s library be like if it existed ?
If you could stop time, would you and why ?
Are there things worth living for , dying for and more importantly studying illogic for ?
Why do people who could create masterpieces, prefer instead to vandalise and destroy them ?

Happiness and faith to all ,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

PS : Get well soon to me.

5 Responses to Hell’s library is run by an expatriate, sleepless nights, logic and faith, amongst other madness

Cheater says: August 11, 2006 at 8:22 am

OMG!!! You just proved that 1 = -1!
You may want to recheck your maths. πŸ˜›

Athiests have faith. Just not in a god. That is implied if someone says I dont have faith.
E.g. I have faith that this message will get to you.

I dont know that things exist. How do I know that my computer is real?
We could all be in the Matrix for what I know. πŸ™‚
Using your definition that doesnt classify as faith however since the existance of objects is backed by logic and experimentation. E.g. The simplest answer is generally the right one.

Oh btw the image of me is broken. You might also want to link those links.

On to your questions:

Q: If you could stop time, would you and why?
A: How would I know that time had stopped? πŸ˜›

Q: Are there things worth living for , dying for and more importantly studying illogic for?
A: Well if there isnt worth living for then what the hell am I doing living? πŸ˜‰
Very few things are worth dying for. A fate worse than death springs to mind.
Studying illogic is illogical. πŸ™‚

Benjamin Southall says: August 11, 2006 at 9:48 am

Cheater: |1| = |-1|, that is value the magnitude / absolute value signs do.
My mathematics is fine. πŸ™‚

Strong athiests deny all support of faith either in a God or in anything else. Skeptic and critic atheists even more so.

But you at least seem to acknowledge the existence of faith. If you understood the diagram, you would understand that the since the logic and experimentation backing up your belief in theexistance of objects is backed by faith.

(E.g. The simplest answer is generally the right one.)
Faith backs up the logicity of your statement.

Image is broken, just crazy, but I will fix.
You just would know.

2. I think you have a typo in your second answer, and I was looking for specifics.

Best of luck

Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

lisa says: August 17, 2006 at 2:59 am

hey i havent really talked to u in ages but im in ancient and im bored!!! get to go for the bus in 5 ne way. I like the whole atheist thing at the start and the anything=nothing=everything. Its v cool, and i think i nearly understand it lol. i’ll have to come visit some time. glad unis going well

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