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w00t @ Gentoo and my Linux Skills.

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Gentoo and Sabayon (instant Gentoo) are awesome. I downgraded my WINE and now WinMX works (well still having connection issues.) I am currently back on LMM ( RoboMX) The more I use WINE, the more I want nvidia to hurry up with their new drivers (the ones that support xorg7.1).

I could just downgrade but where is the fun in that. Overlays in Gentoo are great. (Using local overlay with knetworkmanager, networkmanager, java 1.5 32bit (stupid ELP), and mplayerplug-in-bin). Because of this, I have discovered the magic and wonder of and youtube.

I also have been getting CD Covers for my music in Amarok, Amarok is brilliant. Mono is great for C#. Anyways these are some videos / advertisements you have to see: (Awesome IBM ad)

(Awesome Redhat Ads)

(Muppet Matrix, no more needs to be said)

(Bill Gates leaves a dinner party because Apple and Linux references) (Wesnoth trailer) (pure Linux gamer ownage)

(My name is not related to the Apple company, it is related to a mishearing of Aquaman in BNL song One Week.)

This blog post’s question is: If life was just one big video recording, which moments would you want to watch, love to watch , hate to watch or be to embarrassed to watch ?

BTW Big Brother isn’t Real Reality TV. (it is a sham)

Best of luck and have fun

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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