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Disappointment, broken promises, an apology, early starts, back to work

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I went to a LAN Party (uberfest) hosted by Curtis Bayne on weekend before I went back to university. The experience was an utter disappointment with numerous things turning out wrong.

These included

  • taking and hour and a half to find the location of the place on foot
  • Cheater not showing up (because he couldn’t find the place in car)
  • My Gentoo not having a Direct Connect client prior to the LAN
  • A feature in 2.6.17 messing with WINE (easy fix, once I had net @ home)
  • The LAN didn’t have net
  • Nexuiz or Wesnoth wasn’t played
  • and the general conduct of the other lan guests was deplorable and disrespectful in my opinion

Otherwise things I have been tolerating. Things that have annoyed me include, Nvidia not releasing newer linux drivers that fully support 7.1, Sun not releasing 64 bit Java with webstart. Limewire and other P2P clients not working. Considering I use these to share FOSS software which is perfectly legal and I am in social group on WinMX (Linux Movie Mania)(which normally works under WINE), this is really irritating.

I have also started an IT Professional skills subject at UNI, (which was hated by my fellow IT students last semester), I asked a genuine question of the guest speaker (previous student from last semester), and after talking to people, I am slightly worried he might have taken it the wrong way.

I don’t have his email yet, but would like to apologise for any embarrassment caused, I wasn’t trying to criticise him, just to find out whether the subject would improve people’s common communication and speaking problems. (He did handle my question, quite well though, I had the rebuttal lined up, but decided that the first lecture wasn’t the time or place.)

The early starts (up at 4 / 5 am) to get to uni before 8am (I commute) and late finishes are getting tiring but the subjects I am doing and their respective staff make it worth it. Whilst I am apologising for things, I apologise to Cheater, that I won’t be able play as much CS any longer. (I swear he is addicted.)

I am learning C#, and I enjoying the fact that Mono and Monodevelop working quite well on my Gentoo 64bit laptop. I hope to revive / recreate Fat Burger (A queneing simulation program, written in DOS) using my C# skills once I gain them, not to mention creating a program that answers one of the questions from my other maths subject (Computational Mathematics 1).(Wow, just imaging fractal generation in C#)

I also want to make a Maple macro that gives Maple the same functionality of the up key as the Linux Shell, but am not sure how to do this. I will probably host a LAN Party after this Semester and its exams are over. (Long way from now).

It is funny how the things you expect to enjoy become miserable disasters, and the expected miserable disasters become things you enjoy. (Note: this doesn’t mean I enjoy 002 or C#, I haven’t done enough of either to decide.)

That said, I is amazing how many times lately I have been humming Ironic (the song by Alanis Morissette). (Life has a funny way of helping you out. etc) I still haven’t meet Redhatter face to face and would like to.

If you have incorrectly expected something, I would love to hear about it, or you can just answer this blog’s question, If you really didn’t exist, would it affect your current existence ?

Best of luck and pineapple fish fingers πŸ™‚

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 =)

2 Responses to Disappointment, broken promises, an apology, early starts, back to work

Tim Morris says: July 22, 2006 at 11:59 am

In answer to the question about self existance. No it wouldent affect my current existance. For two exclusive reasons/theories, firstly and most obiously if something dosent exist then nothing could interact and therefore lack any effect.
Secondly, if i am living a life that dosent exist. It does not affect me in the least as it is an event in my past of which has nothing to draw on that could shape a life.

I found that second point hard to get out, not even sure if i got it out to my own satisfaction.

Anyway… as far as incorrectly expecting something, my most common mistakes proberly come from time management (things taking longer or shorter then expected).
Love would deffintly be another keeper of my mis-guided conceptions. I have lost count at the number of times i have incorrectly expected things from my girlfriend and our relationship, but hey.. its all about learning :D.

Tim Morris says: July 22, 2006 at 12:08 pm

O and might i add that just because i think that existance would not and could not affect my current existance dosent mean that i just flat accept the life i live. For instance take the clasic Matrix example, if i had discovered there was more to life and it was hiding itself from me. When confronted with the choice of pill i would most deffantly take the red pill… i want to know how far the rabbit hole go’s for sure πŸ˜‰ i could never be ignorent.

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