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Loss of Power, Portfolios & Projects, Ubergeek gangsta style that’s how I code, Celebrations and more

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Headings this post. (You shouldn’t get so lost.)

Maths Assignment / Skills Portfolio / Project Madness

Back from One Week of poorly used holidays. (Got sick and lethargic) Still as busy as ever. I maintained to complete the majority of my 2 mathematics assignments on time :). First wave of assessment is over. Wave 2: Skills portfolios, Wave 3: Projects, Wave 4 (The Big Boss) Exams.
I will be coding almost continuosly over the weekend, if not the next 10 days in order to deal with the second wave of assessment that seems to be target locked to my being. Whilst I probably won’t get an amazing high score, the score I get should be at minimum above average. Wish me and the others that share a simlar fate luck :).

Forgotten Laptop Power Cable
This week I went to Uni on my days off (Tuesday as propogation of error, Wednesday in order to show parentals (thanks to Sabregypsy for that :)) the proposed venue for my 18th see below.) I should have achieved more but I did enjoy myself. Any how because I didn’t get my break and rest at home I was tired for today’s early start.

I caught my early train as I do on Thursday and Friday, and worked on my 003 project on my laptop. (36 minutes of battery left) I then walked and arrived at Uni and enjoyed an early dose of MAB220 (Numerical Analysis). I then went to my C# lecture and used the rest of my laptop’s battery. Meanwhile Cheater convinced to forgo my 3 hour statistics lecture in order to work on 003 (C#), I reluctantly accepted, amazed that Cheater was actually going to do work at Uni.

When We got to a computer room, I was shocked to realise that I had left my laptop power cord at home, so I had no laptop. I was able to access my assignment using my external HDD, but C# without Mono/ Monodevelop isn’t the same and so Cheater actually didn’t work. But I will keep trying. πŸ˜‰

Then Cheater (Nick), Dorian (Ray) and Apple (me) went to the mall and went thirds in Super Variety bucket from KFC for lunch. The results were surprising to say the least. I ate more then I expected, with no ill effects (so much I elected to have no dinner tonight) and Ray and Nick complained about their typical KFC eating symptoms. Ray then suggested next time we get $20 worth of Macca’s fries, I politely refused.

Chaos Underlords and Defcon
Instead Cheater introduced me to Defcon. (A fast paced nuclear / war RTS) I did pretty well for my first few turns. πŸ™‚ Later on Reuben introduced us to Chaos Underlords which is an awesome old TBS gangster city game. I really enjoy it. Gunther is hosting a DEFCON tournament in Green Room 12 noon with $10 dollar entry, winner takes all. (I won’t be entering, not going to waste $10 dollars).

White and Nerdy

Weird Al has a new Single named as above, check out the video here.

Jesus Camp

See Cheater’s link on my blogroll. This is scary.

18th Birthday

I have been planning my 18th birthday party for a while. I already have a guest list which is still getting updated. (Criteria is I that I have to believe you have had a significance on my life so far) I recently enquired regarding the venue and other stuff and am starting to finalise a few things rather slowly. I am very happy that currently the dates I am interested in are available.

Have fun,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

6 Responses to Loss of Power, Portfolios & Projects, Ubergeek gangsta style that’s how I code, Celebrations and more

bjeanes says: October 6, 2006 at 12:27 am

I thought you were already 18 .. hrm, well happy birthday anyway, for whenever it will be. weird al = funny and in conclusion, you spelled your name wrong in your sign off…

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