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A lot of servers underground, want to use them you got to go straight down with the sickness, recovery happens

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Long time no post, because the web server hosting my site (courtesy of Nick Stallman) has had IBCD (Infected bash commands disease, long story short messed up glibc linking in all bash commands :)).

I also suffered an cold, sore throat, mucus, fever etc superbug which I have recovered from due to time, sleep and lots of garlic water (Yes it has another purpose besides warding off vamprical beings). I have lost my invitation to Ruben’s (Really, really nice guy / hacker (Combine him and Nick Stallman and Me with computers, sugar and caffiene (which I don’t have) and you have 3 elite hackers (the good kind (has all the embedded brackets pissed of the Scheme haters yet ?)) ready for fun)) LAN party, so I missed it, apparently it was on Monday.

Although I have probably made up for this with all the other gaming I have been playing. I resumed playing Runescape for some unknown reason, and despite enjoying myself, I observed the use of poisson processes in mmorpg combat systems (usually turn based) and a great example of population flooding and its consequences of reducing the entire population’s standards.

I am also hanging around with #ddh crew on irc, I got bot spammed and redirected and they seem nice enough :). I really need to focus on my assignments which looms like the creeping population flooding that I am so irritated with.

I don’t like it when the quality of something (anything, whether it be a folk festival, an online game, the nature of humanity) drops the lowest common denominator of the quantity of its population. I believe the humans as people have a responsibility to ensure they don’t screw it up too much for everyone else.

Call me an idealist, call me a dreamer (quoting John Lennon) but I am not the only one, the world can be a better place all humanity has to do is start polishing the positive traits of humanity and neglecting the negative ones, while this will be no means create a utopia, it will be a partial patch to the big rip / hole in the quality of life for humanity.

Anyhow Jullian Lennon (John’s son) captured an example of this in his song Saltwater and its video clip, it is a great clip with a great message and I recommend watching to anyone. Another good movie to watch if you want action, romance, drama, culture and tragedy is Dangerous Bangkok. It is about the life of a mute deaf assasin and I throughly enjoyed the depth of the plot, the imagery and the sublime completeness.

Whilst on the subject of recommendations I recommend the comic and literary genuis of Martin Pearson (hehehe lol :)). With the amore skit, the levictus song, the unofficial lord of the rings musical and serious songs about interesting issues, he can make you laugh, cry and clap.

I haven’t been without the influence of people and religon on the holidays, whilst not having to deal with people at Uni on the subject, I will always have the JWs (Jehovah’s Witnesses) to discuss things with and the occasional Christian acquaintance.

This post’s question is

If could give your new born god child (for those who don’t know the term, child that you would look after if something ever happened to their parents, (yes it is commonly used in religon, some don’t get all hot and bothered)) 3 recommendations or words of advice at any time in their life, that your still alive in, what would they be and why ?

Any how back to work, I hope πŸ˜‰

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

BTW: Bootsplash works not perfectly but almost and kxdocker works a treat. =)

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