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Apology for a hindsight overreaction, Pictoral representations of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

In Reply to Sarah K’s comment on a prior post:

(If you will ever read my blog again given your misconceptions of my nature): Please don’t call me Ben. I prefer Benjamin or Appleman1234 or Apple if you are lazy.

I vehemently hate Ben, I hate the human trait of laziness over respect, that it symbolises, etc.

As to distraction to education: You really couldn’t distract me from 005 as I have had prior exposure to the majority of the subject matter. I am very determined as you noticed.

The lost pen lid was irritating if and only if, the fact that I couldn’t find it and had to move all my existing books / bags / etc around in the process which generated more noise, which disrupted learning of the remaining people in the lectutre. (Well the ones that were not bored brain dead or asleep with open eyes)

AS for STFU: That was an entire different scenario, one fact in I have grown more tolerant of, even if the lecturer hasn’t. The ITB005 lectures aren’t made interesting, it not like the lecturers pull apart the hardware components in a computer for the relevant sections.

Also all the good / hard / fun stuff has been removed / watered down from the subject due to review. I can understand that your social group wants to use the time more efficiently by multi-tasking.

What I don’t get is what your group’s consensus on respect for lecturers is ? (Not that I can speak, I was taught critical literacy and intend to practice it, I usually ask questions for the benefit of the majority, (I am thinking it, others might be), However Since I have realised that people intend to injury me or burn me at stake for this, I might just not bother and keep my questions to myself.)

You seem to all have relative high levels of intelligence given that your social group is prone to verbal making my entire existence a living mockey.

Why is it then that you all don’t develop gestures, note passing, instant messaging between the two laptops or basic lip reading, etc as an alternative form of communication to the talking which you do. that isn’t exacly whispering.

You would still communicate just as effectively but would reduce the noise level by a few decibels, calm the lecturer, etc.

As for your last verse / paragraph , it is wonderful idealistic and poetic, two traits I relatively enjoy. I did search in earnest, but hindsight I wish the either my or my colleagues had caught the pen lid.

Thanks for your contribution

And I add my sincere apologies and condolences if any interpretation of anything I typed / blogged or anything I neglected to type / blog caused distress, upset, anger, insert other negative emotion here.

xkcd: An awesome Webcomic by Randall Munroe

I just discovered this and in combination with several lyrics including P!@TD and my own compositions, my mind has a sector in a linguistical buffer overload. If had a euphoric emotion it would be here.

If you were given a change to alter something after seeing its effect in hindsight, would you and why ?

Apple Pie tastes wonderful and it is good for you too.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

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