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Developing countries need a solid sustainable monolith structure, epileptic fit whilst doing the macarena and price of fame

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I have had an interesting weekend. Monodevelop nows works to a T. (Including code generation and GTK# gui designer) 🙂 All I need now is for VS 2005 to be backwards comptiable and I would be cruising.

I am just starting to learn System.Windows.Forms development in C# in Monodevelop, so far my GUI application named guifun works.

I am going (was supposed on the weekend but got delayed and sidetracked) to write a C# application to do some basic linear algebra for MAB220 (Gaussian elimination, Matrix multiplication, Doolittle and Crout,etc) .

I went to a extended family member’s birthday, dressed in character (theme was Hollywood, I was Richard from the Beach), I got blasted by daughter of birthday celebrant, regarding my conversations with a mutual acquaintance.I then got that 5th wheel feeling, the feeling you get when you know you really don’t belong here / your out of place.

I also went and saw a matinée (Fame) that my sibling’s friend (Him and his older brother are music geniuses) was in the orchestra for. You know those musicals / plays where the actors / performers / front-end of operation doesn’t do justice to the script and backend, well it wasn’t one of those.

In fact it was the complete opposite if anything, the performers, the band did a great job but it left me with the feeling that the musical writers / directors / screenplayers/ other backend people didn’t do the front end of the musical justice.

Compliments to Kizedret / Kieran for introducing me to P!@TD (Panic! at the Disco), they instantly go on my “favourite bands” list. Their lyrics and music videos are clearly inspiring and ravishing complete in the surreal detail, that I like to think in.

Amarok pwns, with covers from, lyrics and wikipedia artist information, and replaygain courtesy of I need to be bothered to configure kxdocker properly and organise skinning and gui themes.

Wikihow is an interesting idea, it will be fun to watch it grow. The price of the Greenphone came out on the day after anniverisary of USA’s stab itself (USA’s self stabbing), so that it can kill someone else event.It is 695 USD, which is an immediate painful stab for me, because I want it so badly and now I can’t afford 1500 dollars for a phone.(regardless of its leetness)

If someone did have a fit whilst a nightclub and you were their and witnessed it, what would you do ?

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

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