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Developing countries need a solid sustainable monolith structure, epileptic fit whilst doing the macarena and price of fame

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hey everyone, I have had an interesting weekend. Monodevelop nows works to a T. (Including code generation and GTK# gui designer) 🙂 All I need now is for VS 2005 to be backwards comptiable and I would be cruising. I am just starting to learn System.Windows.Forms development in C# in Monodevelop, so far my GUI application named guifun works. I am going (was supposed on the weekend but got delayed and sidetracked) to write a C# application to do some basic linear algebra for MAB220 (Gaussian elimination, Matrix multiplication, Doolittle and Crout,etc) . I went to a extended family member’s birthday, dressed in character (theme was Hollywood, I was Richard […]