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Update the presses, pretty pictures, questions and answers, ADTs and Eigenvalues, idiots sigh

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Just upgraded WordPress to 2.2.1, almost went to a BBQ with Chrystle, was quite nice and meet some wonderful people. I also had the luxury of engaging in an intellectual discussion about the state of the world (overpopulation, shallowness of people, levels of intellectualism, perception of reality, asian philosophy, the purpose of religion, etc), was both informative and interesting , all the while getting to see some pretty sketchs / pictures of Anime characters (especially Kingdom Hearts 2, see .

Chrystle was very tired, so I hope she is sleeping well now :), earlier and as per her LJ we played a derivate of 20 questions over MSN, I was reformatting her entry to add some of my own questions (no, I won’t post the raw log) and spent 1.5 hours doing so in only to lose it all when trying to export to XHTML, (fuzzle, wuzzle, fuzzle, learning to behave Java.)

I may upload the information later along with other stuff I need to get round to doing and uploading (fixing up 002 resume site and uploading, coding some nifty stuff in PHP / Ruby, etc, doing more Gimping and playing around with Inkscape, not to mention song lyrics, poetry, stories and my mental skits.)

I currently am doing my final study for my Programming Abstraction & Linear Algebra exams, so I am in the mood for Graph Theory, Data Structures, Design Paterns, Matrix Algebra & Proofs, Eigenvalues & Diagonalisation and Linear Operators. I like the usage of Linear Operators in 3D graphics engines, and am conceptualising (thinking, planning, modelling) a new way of Wesnoth Damage calculation using Linear Algebra as a opposed to the current matrix method, so that units with ridiculous health (Survival Extreme / DOTG etc) don’t take up excessive RAM.

I am also unsure if my entry for the Greenphone competition will be ready in time, *sigh* maybe next time, at least I’ll see them at the Trolltech BBQ at QUT after my exams are over.

I have also been attempting to get the Wireless Reception to work on my bed in our RAMMED earth house and(packet loss >85% ) . Today on the way home from BBQ, there were some troublemakers on the train that got off at my stop (and probably would have attempted to bash me, if not that I had a ride waiting).

These people were locals to my region (I am ashamed, it wasn’t like this in the Beginning (when I was 3), stupid population and education system creating low social economic circumstances and bored youth) and idiots (in Grade 9 to 11) looking for a fight on the train calling people faggots and trying to wake up the people that were asleep. Their ring leader was drinking Bundy Rum on the train (underage drinking and drinking on a train is $150 fine) and was calling a guy near me a faggot, after they had walked on I talked to him and realised just how lucky they were that they hadn’t attacked him. (He knew his rights and the law)

The bothered me when I got of the train, probably because I am weird and more intelligent them, with the usual faggot taunting, I said Grow Up and then got asked to supposedly repeat it to his face, but I just remained silent and kept walking. (I don’t want no trouble or wasted time)

My little brother doesn’t like living in the city, but with the low socioeconomic suburban sprawl of uneducated, immoral and bored youths surrounding the place I call home and others call home the noise, pollution and hustle bustle of the city is looking more enticing by the minute.


Stay Safe (I like I barely did)

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234

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