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Poker face, Surprises and reassurances, Freedom and other such occurences.

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Lots has been happening over the last few days. I did my Linear Algera exam (*crosses fingers*), it was hard as I didn’t do enough study (as usual (as it was clustered) ) and the stuff I did study wasn’t really as relevant as I needed it to be.

The next morning (morning-after) I went to uni, to catch up with Cheater, Ruben, etc, and Cheater and I went war-walking with Cheater’s new GPS (thank goodness his blog is no longer forbidden, but it does have Paris Hilton as the latest topic, which is almost the same. *SUBLIMINAL Message to CHEATER* *Talk about your War-walking instead a stupid rich moronic drunk nymphomaniac and her apparent confessions*) (Yes I don’t like Paris Hilton, mainly because she is the poster girl for stupidity and ignorance.)

Anyhow we went war walking to try and map the wireless networks close to my home away from home, with Cheater’s laptop containing two PCMCIA wireless cards (same chipset, double the scan radius (600m :))), it was tiring but great exercise and the lopsided path we took made it all the more interesting. The laptop had Gpsdrive, kismet and festival for text-to-speech. (You know you know too much about festival when you can identify the voice types by given name ;))

We found about 260 wireless networks to add to Cheater’s collection / map. (approx 2700). We then headed back to uni to attend the Trolltech BBQ, which was awesome and was one event that made my ITSA membership worthwhile, although I didn’t eat anything as I was full from breakfast (buffet as it was my sister’s birthday :)).

I did get to meet Lorn Potter (aka ljp, aka the Trolltech Qtopia guy) , which was quite a pleasant experience, this combined with meeting other Trolltech people and observing other people playing pool (8-ball) whilst I gave one last shot at my entry for the Greenphone competition (I missed the deadline, sigh, always next time :P). (I wanted to write a bluetooth instant messaging client).

Ruben actually made it to the semi-finals, which is awesome and we found powerpoints to recharge our laptops :).
(After this)Other occurrences included catching up with Dallas and getting an unexpected gift (robin hood season 1 boxed set dvd) (Thank you so much Dallas :)), working on / looking through Plone skins and products, catching up with the Minatels and getting jumped on and licked to death by their undisciplined and large puppy :P. (they have to grow up sometime ….).

It is now the holidays and I am free, to get lots of things done hopefully, and to catch up with all the people who I have accidentally neglected because I was too busy with Uni / Life and other things that get in the way. At least that is the plan. *sigh*, I am in sighing mood this morning.

Also we had a family texas hold-em poker game or few with monopoly money. I won 3 games out of 4, and when I last played 5 card stud, I won 5 games in a row, maybe it is the mathematics :P, but I have a feeling my poker face of a cheeky grin surrounded in ever longer hair is just lucky ;).

Speaking of games, I would love to have a mao / mafia game / reunion and will add it to my todolist in Makagiga. I am glad that Chrystle is having so much fun with the Abbey Tournament / Festival preparations, she is going as a volunteer, I didn’t register and am not sure if I will attend, it will depend on how busy I am.

(I feel guility (but I shouldn’t ) that she feels guility (but she shouldn’t) over her behavior (nasty words) / sleeping when I was over / in conversation). I was apathetic (not caring about anything / numb) so nothing she said hurt me, *sighes* and she changed her morality in order to feel guility (argh at paradoxical guilt trips or guilt spirals).

Spirals sure are pretty, but when they involve guilt, love, hatred, lust, <insert powerful emotion here> they can be painful as well. Why does Gatl never talk to me in a apathetic mood (she would like me more then) ? Such is life and irony and cheesecake, I also got exposed to Borat, and have discovered that it is not funny, just stupid. *sigh* To quote a Borat in joke, The movie was a Great Success!! ………….. NOT !!!

Also does anyone feel like a pillow fight because I feel like a pillow fight, I also got to go worldhopping right before my exam (of any night why that one) , but at least it was fun, I already missed Bo’s party and I am not sure when Ruben is having his lan, but am soon to find out…

I also recently recalled the entire lyrics of the song Silo by Judy Small, but won’t paste it all here due to copyright. (It wasn’t on several other websites due to her requests)

Suffice to say the song is about the employees of nuclear silos that are responsible to for setting the nukes off, this post’s comes from the last verse of the song.

What if we said “No!”, when the final call came
And all other Silos decided the same
If no buttons were pressed, no missiles flew
Would we be heroes or traitors to you ?

This verse and the song Silo are not mine but belong to Judy Small (My dad is like her biggest fan, and I quite like her music :))

UPDATE: I found the full Silo lyrics here

Heroes or traitors ?

Best wishes and have fun over the break,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

PS: An audio blog will be coming soon ….

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