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Where there is smoke there isn’t always a house burning down

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Between lighting the fire and my current pastime of cooking Chiko rolls (pan fry as apparently baking them is treason to their iconic Australianism), the closed windows because it is winter there is little piece between then shrill howl of the two smoke-alarms that do their jobs oh so well (setting off at least 8 times consecutively for lighting a fire in fireplace and 3 (make that 5) for pan frying Chiko rolls)

I prefer open fires to fireplaces as there is so much more freedom, as your not limited to a small cubic box and my Chiko rolls are much more black / charred then their advertisement claims. (My guess is their instructions don’t cover a gas stove and cast iron frying pan)

Anyways back to fry pan I go to make sure the kitchen isn’t on fire :P.

UPDATE: Their distributor has a money back satisfaction guarantee, so If I don’t enjoy my black Chiko rolls, I can get money back.


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