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Burung api, reunions and cinematics, Ozy and Millie, and Birthday’s galore

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Here are some Indonesian phrases (almost proverbs) that I discovered, when in a semi depressed / semi concerned state based on all the emotive or argumentative MSN conversations I have had lately, they are slightly sad but do raise a philosophy question or three.

Kata semua menyakit, mengapa saya berbicara lagi ?(Every word hurts, why am I still speaking?)
Pekhiran semua menyakit, mengapa saya berpikir lagi ? (Every thought hurts, why am I still thinking?)
Api yang menyakit aku, tetapi api juga menyenyumkan aku, api teman atau musuh ? (Fire it hurts / burns me , but it also makes me smile, fire is friend or foe ?)

I also went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with Chrystle and some of her friends, surprise I met Emma and realise that we have already met from TOM (Tournament of Minds) from ages ago. The night was a great night, the movie was good (yes much darker but good, and I reckon some of the casting could have been better) and the company was excellent, between Jam drops, Skittles and watching Emma and Chrystle devour ice cream, it was the most fun I have had at the cinemas in a while.

The discussion about the supposed Emo Invasion of the Sunshine Plaza was also interesting. (hehehe)

Have a lot of birthdays coming up that I have to look for gifts for, I also caught up with Pat last night on MSN, and am preparing for Ruben’s LAN. Have you ever tried chewing or sucking on icecubes with cold feet in a hot shower, the sensation is weird yet amazing ?

The question for today is What is the weirdest thing / usage of Cheezels you have ever witnessed ?

2 Responses to Burung api, reunions and cinematics, Ozy and Millie, and Birthday’s galore

Chrystle says: July 19, 2007 at 12:48 am

I had to look these up, I forgot what Cheezels were. The weirdest thing would have to be use them as rings. I can imagine there are many uses for them though. Like, Cutlery cufflinks, the things you use to hold cutlery in place.

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