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Emo yeast, Kitty Pool, Skeletal Clothing & Hip Hip Hooray

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Uni is back, had my first Mathematical Modelling (mainly ODEs based) lecture today, and the lecturer who is new to QUT, mentioned over crowding and yeast that said “Life is crap, this place (petri dish) is crowded and crap, I want to die”, to which the entire lecture room laughed, and I had to suppress a shout of Emo Yeast!!.

On the last week of the holidays I spent lots of time at Ruben’s, because he had his LAN party (which wasn’t bad) and his birthday which was awesome, I met lots of cool people, demonstrated my skill or lack there of at pool / 8 ball. Cries of “Damn you Bede” were echoed in both events, and the watching of Family Guy, Firefly and Invader Zim were enjoyed all round.

I was going to upload my resume website thingy after cleaning it up, but it seems to have mystically disappeared, so I can’t do that obviously. I am currently composing / writing the verses and bridge for a song that I have the chorus for and also brushing up on my knowledge of C, C++, QT, Assembly and ODEs (Ordinary Differential Equations).

I also bumped into an old school acquaintance on the train, and that reminds of my quest / task of attempting to have a reunion or Mafia or Mao game with a bunch of people, those who are interested just email me or respond to my email when I get round to emailing you.

Other interesting things that have been happening,

The Magic Train Ticket (It changed dates or something like that, as it was accepted by lots of people who asked, when I found my real / current (not old) in the bottom of my pocket I was so surprised)

The Mecure has a good steak sandwich. πŸ™‚

The Guy on the Train, that accused me of staring at him, and then when I made sure to only look at my knees / feet, he asked was something wrong.

[RANT] Why does everyone automatically categorise and associate negative connations with certain actions, If I am sighing there is something wrong, If I look at my feet, there is something wrong, If I look in someone’s general direction, I am staring at them and thus I have a problem with them.

Where will it end, will it become like certain events in the US where if you look at someone accidentally and they interpret it as the wrong way, you get stabbed or shot ? Clarification is a very important part of communication and stereotyping people just to improve one’s self esteem or to alleviate the fear of unknown doesn’t limit that person, it limits your relationship, behaviour towards and your ability to cope with that person.

It is only when a person stereotypes themselves or believes the stereotype that their self esteem begins to suffer. Where did courtesy go ? chivalry ?

I wish people would understand that same and equal are not equivalent. Men and Women are equal but not the same,Different Ethnicities are Equal but not the same, People placed in stereotypes are equal to that stereotype (if the stereotype is logically placed without bias) but they are not the same as that stereotype.

Equality isn’t about making everyone the same, it isn’t about forced integration and interaction and facadious multiculturalism. Equality is about realising that despite our differences we are equal and tolerating those differences or even celebrating those differences doesn’t hurt a society.

I think that feminists shouldn’t misinterpret chivalry as a sexist gesture that implies that can’t do things (open doors etc) as well as men. If men are being chivalrous (which is rare enough these days), then just accept the chivalry graciously. As a sidenote to this can the idiots (normally male) who are being chivalrous just in order to get into a girl’s pants, please stop because you are ruining it for the rest of us.

The journey is more important that the destination.

*SIGH* end rant (this rant may have wisdom inside it, if you can be bothered looking)


As for the Skeletal Clothing I suppose that would be skin and muscle tissue, but I was actually referring to the awesome picture on Chrystle’s LJ. (LJ is down ATM :()

Have fun,

Imagine life as a drop of rain, or a snowflake, If you could play any game on an amusement park ride what would it be and why ?

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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