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Burung api, reunions and cinematics, Ozy and Millie, and Birthday’s galore

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

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Hey everyone, Here are some Indonesian phrases (almost proverbs) that I discovered, when in a semi depressed / semi concerned state based on all the emotive or argumentative MSN conversations I have had lately, they are slightly sad but do raise a philosophy question or three. Kata semua menyakit, mengapa saya berbicara lagi ?(Every word hurts, why am I still speaking?) Pekhiran semua menyakit, mengapa saya berpikir lagi ? (Every thought hurts, why am I still thinking?) Api yang menyakit aku, tetapi api juga menyenyumkan aku, api teman atau musuh ? (Fire it hurts / burns me , but it also makes me smile, fire is friend or foe ?) […]