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*sigh*, in one door out the next, misrepresentation blues

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

I was going to rant and release here but *meh* *sighs*

Later has come, First things first Happy Birthday Lisa. I am wondering do I wait till Australia has a national ID card, pay $60 for a Keypass card (the closest thing we currently have) or pay $24 dollars to get an 18+ card. This scenario all arose from the events that happened two days ago, which invovled me getting let into the Treasury casino on my student card, then going with Lisa and friends to the ATMs which are located in the most weird location near the rear on the ground floor at the back of a casino. Signage to them was also confusing, we finally got there got money from the ATMs (I was getting money as I would need it for the coming week.)

Then I tried to get back into the casino and was told that they don’t except student cards (apparently they are easier to fake than other forms ID…), this confused the cognisance out of me, if they didn’t accept student cards, why the first security guard at the door let me in ? We then went round the front to double check and now they wouldn’t let me in.

Those who know me, know I don’t drink or gamble, which makes the scenario more ironic. I then asked whether I could goto the Blackjacks restaurant downstairs. (which isn’t near the gambling areas and the entrances to gambling areas have more security guards), I was told I couldn’t go down the stairs to the restaurant….., My Mum has always said that if I ever needed a good meal in the City I could go to Blackjacks, but it turns out that I can’t….

It would have been much better if they had refused me correctly the first time, because that inconsistency bugs me, Getting refused initially would have been fine, because it wouldn’t be a broken standard. It is like going into the swipe card doors at uni at getting let in, and then when I want to get out, the swipe reader on the inside won’t let me out…

We ended up going to Strike bowling bar instead, and whilst it was still a nice night and Lisa still had a ball, I still feel confused and guilty. Although music from Cat Stevens and Jewel is wearing the guilt and misery away quickly and my pancake stack breakfast also helped.

So now I have to decide whether to wait, pay $60 or pay $24 dollars, to prove I am who I say I am. One of the wise or semi wise things (I sounded like Millie from Ozy and Millie) was “What is the point of being old, if no one believes you are old ?” I still looked great in my purple suit, and Dallas looked great in his suit and fancy shirt :).

This annoys me for two reasons, one the broken standard reason which I see all to often, eg Feminists want Gender Equality, and yet the government only has Violence against Women being wrong in Australian TV ads, nothing about violence or abuse in which the sufferers are men.

In my humble opinion, it should not have female actors being all victims and male actors being all protagonists. Sure statistically men are at least 70% of sexual abusers are apparently male, but if we want Gender Equality, then the Government should have Violence against People and fair advertising…, (Chaser’s War on Everything made a different but valid point / joke about the portray of actors in Government ads).

The second thing is the lack of national and international standards, this was an issue I also faced with my Senior Certificate, (I got OP score which is QLD only), I wanted an International Baccalaureate as it was an equivalent International qualification. (but it wasn’t available…) This world needs global standards, national standards, not each state having different solutions per state. Sure some things are state specific but others can be nationalised.

The state of QLD is also being very stupid with all the council amalgamations, especially by not having a referendum on the issue. If that actually looked into the problem, instead of looking for an easy way out, they would have identified the buerocratic rubbish that slows development and problem solving at the local government level, they would find the corruption and the fact that the councils we have aren’t weak just inefficient. But then again any legislative political system involving a committee prides itself on its lack of productivity or benefit to society in general .

So in short broken standards & double standards aren’t worth the legislation they are written on,(So eliminate them using proper legislation, education and training) and Certain things need to be localised and others need to be centralised and others still need to be globalised. Make sure enough though is put into which goes where.

Anesthesia is normally localised, Subversion is Centralised, and most multi-national corparations like MacDonalds and Coca-Cola are Global…

Simpler than it looks but harder than it seems ….

So if anyone has any experience with success of keypass in Queensland or states other that Victoria and Tasmania, I would love to her about it.

The question today is what would you do if you were in a world where your identity was stolen, not believed, etc ?

Have fun, Stay safe and start something

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

3 Responses to *sigh*, in one door out the next, misrepresentation blues

Mick Val says: August 8, 2007 at 4:11 am

Australia doesn’t have a national ID? I found that somewhat surprising, being that here in the united states you can flash a driver’s license and have it accepted for nearly all things (I’ll wager it’s conceivable for some private organizations somewhere to want one to have a special card or something). I had previously assumed (uniformed assumptions – what a good little american I have been trained to be) that as just standard for any modern country; I suppose though we’re something approaching a police state – though they try and hide it. Whats the difference between Keypass and 18+ ? if they both get mostly the same job done for you, I’d say go with the cheaper.

Benjamin Southall says: August 8, 2007 at 8:41 am

18+ seems to be legislated legal in QLD only and is probably accepted in NSW, but I saw no legislated evidence of its support outside QLD. I would get a driver’s license, except I am no really interested in driving as public transport and walking suit my needs fine.

Keypass on the other hand is the Vic (Victoria) Standard and they have made more effort to have it legally accepted (as per legislation in other states) as a national or supposedly national form of ID, alternative to a driver’s license.

The Australian Federal Government gave a go ahead for a national ID card, to start accepting registrations in 2008, and for that project to be finished in 2010.

Thanks for your advice πŸ™‚

chrystle says: August 11, 2007 at 9:13 am

Answer to question: Nobody can take my identity, they canonly lie about their own. If someone didn’t believe I was wo I said I was, I would ry to figure out a way to prove it. Either that or shrug and wlak away slightly frutstrated.

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