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Gingerbread, bittersweet, partridges, darkness, how do you save yourself from yourself ?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Salutations in moonlight

Truth …

Lies ….

Secrets …

Surprises …

Honesty & Chivalry war in my mind’s eye

Seeking Compassion & Redemption

For Crimes Not Committed

For Glass Shards that bleed my barefeet

And yet don’t exist, or perhaps my feet aren’t there

I couldn’t be certain, and yet I couldn’t be wrong

The damage done and only realised post mortem

If only consumption was enough

One day you will all get the keys

To play in the ball pit and do as you please

Hopefully by then my half-life will have decreased

But perhaps we seek the pain and damage

To prove we are real, as having faith in something

In order to just feel, Depravity becomes Humanity

As we stop caring, and just continue to exist

Legal obligations require moral sacrifice

And a pound of flesh and a pound of soul

Should both weigh the same

Persecution, Criticism creep along the foundations of Tolerance and Acceptance

A riddle and a rhyme interlocked in time , its all between the lines

Of a polygon that doesn’t exist, don’t bother with the compass

It will only lead you to the labyrinth, and why go there when you could have had icecream instead

Fight the Minotaur, Wage your holy war, only to realise you are just killing yourself

So much self assisted suicide, it is as though we think we are born to die

Use by dates stamped on our heads, ensuring innocence is lost

Things loved and people discarded, in hopes that we can accept ourselves

Balls of string and dainty things, provide the perfect disguise for cyanide tea

Kippers gone know, along with the dolphins and whales

Have you seen Alice she owes me a prose, the White Rabbit owes me my pocketwatch

And when I will next see either, noone knows

Eat this, Drink that, Size doesn’t matter, does it ?

Too late now the order is past, off with your head!

Oh wait, you’re already headless blast

The caged bird it sings of the blue skies and the sunshine

Never realising that the door is open wide,

Brrr, so that is why my neck is cold, despite its mantle

Rhapsody or Empathy , what was that which was said to me ?

If I had a penny for each time, then I would be penniless

Everything has its price, and everything good doesn’t feel right

Hide and go seek, 1… 2… 3…, Try as you might you won’t find me

Before you know I will have climbed the FarAway Tree

Or hidden from myself, whether I fancy

If you were lucky, then a skeleton you would find, with ring on my finger

And Wardrobe behind, Narnia or Dorian Gray as too my fate, either would say

Nothing and no-one, abundance and glee, shrouded in hollow comptemt and facidious misery

Would I sup with Saint George, only if I could save him the trouble of committing genocide ?

Or perhaps the Jackerwocky is a better dinner guest , behind his appearance and behaviour, is less of a mess

Giant wooden bunnies and rude castle intentions, false bravery and a luck break

False illusions of grandeur and stones and dead birds

Are shallowly laughed at without saying a word

Recurring dreams, nightmares and doom, I’d rather be betrayed by Jack Sparrow, then conclude

That eight pieces of eight isn’t sixty four and that isn’t Thumbelina making out with Little Jack Horner

On the hearth rug, and what of the Calico cat and Gingham Dog, bickering over colour swatches and then doing each others laundry over coffee

It is so much easier to love a dream, as a dream doesn’t carry poison knifes, wielded with deadly aims,

Instead prefer to haunt the mind, scourging the soul, for whatever they find.

And the Doctor says I should go camping, but I have no intention of going to Gor, as fun as it would be to meet the Priest Kings or live and die by the homestone, and sword…

And those Ninja rats can watch and wait, the Oracle of Ishadna doesn’t know my fate

As for Sebastin’s composure and the love of the CareBears, well I guess they are over…

The Hill, sat a cross, an innocent life, surrounded by naughts, and yet that is somehow more fair then global thermonuclear war.

Why fight for peace, when you can play chess, beware the path of the knight at its best

Too many wagers, too little time, play not to win, not to lose, but to escape with my life

Torch of Illuminace + 3 doesn’t make the cavern any less dingy

Oh look I killed a Newt, now to roll a 6, Please pass the fruit

Peas catapulted, potato flying, along with Spaghetti, such a monstrosity unlike the cafeteria has ever seen

It will take a 1000 cleaners, a year and half just to get this clean

Ajax from chemical to web success, marketing buzzwords portray standards as second best.

Pictures mosaicing a path, Smiles breaking an already brittle heart, but at least the filling is sweet

And the flesh is good, quite nice to eat,

The Lion and the Mouse, The Rabbit and Tortoise ,

They try to teach you wisdom but you discard such childish pursuits.

To go play your Wii or see what is on cable TV ? Where was your class supposed to go ? The Museum ? The Opera ?

Or was it to witness Jimminy Cricket, the conscience of Pinnoccho

Culture these days is more like bacteria then humanity, growing in our yoghurt while we fail to care

Behind the mask, under the trapdoor, what lurks there now, that wasn’t before

You wish it was those two plumber brothers, collecting coins and spitting fireballs

In the above is hidden many meanings and some wisdom, there is still gems in plain sight but the coal is buried much deeper, and the pocketwatch deeper still, and if you get deep enough you might realise why I write this.

There is no question, the spontaneous prose / poem is cryptic enough, if you find it easy, think again slightly different, it should be more tough…,

How do I feel today ? I feel broken, but not damaged broken, just normal broken, so really nothing is wrong with me, I am just having troubles with emotions, self expression and fortitude

Not sure if it is because I am bored or because I am nice, but here are some clues, more cryptic advice:

The message above mentions or intertexutalates with

Jim Henson’s the StoryTeller
My Mind
The Layout of My Mind
Geometry /Mathematics for Computer Graphics
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Japanese Whaling Crisis
Alice in Wonderland
Enid Blyton / The Faraway Tree
Oscar Wilde (The Portrait of Dorian Gray)
CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia)
Saint George and the Dragon
Monty Python
Pirates of Caribbean
Fairytales and Mother Goose
Calico Cat and Gingham Dog
Doctor Who
Wizards and Warriors
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Little Mermaid
Dungeons and Dragons
Food fight
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Valentine’s Day
Aesop & his fables
Popular culture
Simcity 3000
The Mask
The Phantom
Secret Seven / Famous Five
The Mario Brothers
And several more that I haven’t realised yet…

Have fun,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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