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Meant to be, Possum Good or Bad ?, You can call me …

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Feeling a little better now, although, how one feels is quite relative. Best thing that has happened so far (besides having a Mathematical Modelling Assignment and C assignment todo) was returning home late at night, normally I would have been driven, but the other night wasn’t the case.

On my way up the hill, I met an old Greece / Italian lady with a broom, staring up at a possum and whacking the tree, to try and knock it down. Inside I chuckled to my self (beware IT Joke / pun coming), as I had already a photo of a possum on a bin at Uni (/bin/possum) and now I was seeing a possum on a tree (/possum).

She stopped me, and a pointed towards the possum and asked Good or Bad ? It was evident that she hadn’t seen a possum before, I replied Good, and then I went on to tell her in my best basic English (those who know me understand), “Possum, Possum is Good, I don’t think that possum will try to come into your house.

That possum is young. Other older possums have been known to scavenge from bins, but this possum it is young, Child possum, it won’t come it to your house and it won’t bother you.”

I also explained how there were lots of possums that lived in to Botanic Gardens, after talking to me, she put the broom down, said, “Good night” to the possum and then to me and went back into to her house to bed, and I continued walking up the hill.

This encounter made me realise a few things, I made me realise that despite Birgit being sick (seems to be this flu / influenza, Chrystle has it too, I think, I hope they both get well soon), I was supposed to attend the weekly meeting without her, else how would I have been able to participate in not only seeing a possum in a tree, but also saving the possum from any accidental harm it may have gotten if I hadn’t come along.

I also realised that people fear what they don’t know , which is why I am so scary….. ;).

Another realisation was that simple misunderstandings caused larger actions which can have larger consequences …

This makes communication more vital then the majority of us , give it credit for. We are meant to live, our lives have a purpose even if we are aware of it yet.

I will probably have to find sometime off (1.5 weeks or more) either to do a Gentoo reinstall or to possibly change distributions. Much more likely the first option. Matlab is finally playing nice with me, I had to edit the scripts in both my $MATLAB_ROOT and home directories, so that for the architecture I am using (glnx86, as I don’t have the 64 bit verison of Matlab) it exports the correct LD_LIBRARYPATH to find the libraries responsible for 32 bit OpenGL.

Simulink is still having issues (its doesn’t find a suitable to link to…), hopefully I shall be able to get it working eventually as well as get used to the Matlab programming language, which seems so much more restrictive and broken to me in comparsion with Scheme and C or even Maple.

Hope everyone enjoyed attending or not attending the Ekka as much as I did, The fear of flu seems to scare lots of people from it. Thinking about the Ekka made me think about the children of the carnies or carnival people, it made me wonder whether the new technology and broadband avaliable would make it easier for them to get a better education.

By the way, my phone know has a recharged battery, so you can text or call me and I will be able to respond. (it was lifeless for about 3 days …)

The question / s today is

Why am I short of attention
Where’s my wife and family
What if I die here
Who’ll be my role model
If you’ll be my ….
I can be your long lost …

Bonus points if you can figure
Where the questions are from …
What the blanks are ?
Your answer contains a reference to the item or theme in question

Anyhow, have fun and get well for those ill,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂

PS: And my Dad takes offense to me saying that our strongest link is through music, Amazing…

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