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The Rule of 3’s, WoW *sigh*, Differential Equations and Deadlines

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

First of all, the sections in brackets are extra details that can be skipped and the message should still be comprehensible but the brackets represent side notes, footnotes, thoughts, extensions and other such fundanglery that makes life worth living or at least my blog worth reading or laughing at …
As for my over use of brackets that probably comes from the fact that my brain thinks 3 times faster then most people, hence I have more sub processes, hence faster and more indirectly linking between thoughts, it is either that or the fact I enjoy Scheme / LISP programming which also uses lots of brackets.

Second of all, this post has been at least 8 days (over one week in the making) so it probably will be long. Sorry it isn’t an audio blog, I will see what I can do with respect to them, but I haven’t gotten much feedback. As for name quotes, other then direct speech quotes, names are first names only for the moment.

This feels odd, quite odd, as I have put a significant amount of thought into this entry (probably as much as most of my prior entries, and I just think I have put more effort, brainpower and time into this one). It also feels odd because for once I am not writing this entry directly into my blog (which is WordPress powered for those who haven’t noticed…) via my web browser (Firefox unless I am downloading PDFs in which case it is Konqueror because KPDF Kpart > Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin in terms of speed and ease of use), but instead into my text editor. (which is currently kwrite for plain text and kate when I am hacking something up or coding, not vi or emacs or even joe…)

Lets see, where should I start, considering I haven’t blogged in 8 days, only 8 days and yet I have the urge to blog.., which is strange because all signs lead me to believe that I am one of the few people that actually bothers to look at my blog, let only read it, let only attempt to comprehend it or relate to it.

These signs include me (indirectly) or my blog being labelled as a ‘Useless Random Crap Dispenser’ (notice the leading letters are an anagram for CRUD, I like anagrams….), thanks Chris Savini for that comment, but to be fair Chris also said upon further clarification, “Don’t stop, its good and its addictive..”, the fact that people on my MSN list don’t get my hints about being proactive…, the fact that people tell me both face to face and via instant messaging that the can’t be frogged (Yes it used to be the other f word and I don’t mean frolic or fruit, but Sabrina noticed I swore, so I am censoring it (even though other people said it), and also I think frogged sounds much better) to read my blog, or that the read it and fall asleep a paragraph through it or they read it and they don’t get it.

Anyhow, where was I, that is right, I was at Uni watching Invader Zim (ZIM!!!!) with Ruben and Arania with unstable Internet access, oh wait, wait, I mean meant where was I in the process of the topics for this post / entry. Ok, Ok, the world isn’t ending and I found my thought process.., After getting that comment from Chris (although I did bump into Chris and Megan at V block / Library earlier) and talking further to him about the uses of Differential Equations in the workforce, (He is doing MAB413 Differential Equations, and was looking for how they would be used in IT..), Bacon Numbers (, I think or just Google oracle of bacon, to steal a homerism “mmm, bacon”), how I meet all these people (the people I know, talk about , mention etc.) and radioactive bins or bin segregation (/bin/queue). Julian rushed passed us and I said Hi to him. A bit later on Danny / Rastilin ran by us (I said Run Danny Run and got whacked in the back of the head for it).Slightly after that I said goodbye to Chris and headed to Central Station, and just as I had gotten past V Lab I ran into Chadders, who was also going to Central Station (Currently that is 6 people that I bumped / ran into).

We started talking about the Computational Mathematics (MAB220) Mid semester exam, Bacon numbers, Linux and the fact that Chadders was heading to where he was staying (his uncle’s) to prepare for a QPAC performance. We made it as far as the traffic lights before we bumped into Matthew and Kyle who where also on the way to Central Station. The conversation shifted slightly but not by much, to what Maths subjects we were doing, how I kept up with all the people I knew and how we were going and then I started to tell the casino story (see previous entry) to them (which never really got finished), upon reaching half way down Queen St Mall, I bumped into Rita (who I knew via Birgit, having meet at a meeting about a month prior), I said Hi and let her know when I will next see her and the continued walking as we had trains to catch.

Outside the sweet shop, Chadders bumped in a friend from Uni and said Hi and we waited for a while, then Matthew bought some sweets and we continued on. On the way up the escalators their was a really argo rushing man that was angry and yelling for no reason other than his bad day. He was also making some pretty nasty threats. I remarked to Chadders, that if I were looking for trouble, I may have whacked the angry man with my umbrella, Chadders replied that his head would probably be too thick to whack anyway.

I then got a ticket and got $16 in coins :)(Same feeling as you get at the casinos without the risk and euphoria), said goodbye to Chadders, went to my Platform bumped into my little brother (who I was meeting) and Andrew’s little brother (both which are taller than me) (that is 12 total, that I ran into bumped into in the one afternoon sequentially), we then bordered the train, which was 6 cars, but had a previous train cancelled so we were packed like sardines into the train.

Eventually, we got seats and then Matthew had reached his destination. My little brother had already embarrassed me at this stage. We then played cards (Gin) for almost the remainder of the journey, which was good fun. Unfortunately for us all the wonderful rain we are getting that is breaking the drought and causing flooding and wind damage, caused a fault in the train’s braking / electrical system and the train got stuck at Glasshouse one stop before home and two stops before Kyle’s connecting bus.

We got out after offering Kyle a lift, and my little brother called Mum and let her know what had happened. She drove to Glasshouse to pick us up, it was then that they identified that the train wasn’t going anywhere, and I reoffered the lift to Kyle and he accepted, we also found out that Dana (Daughter of a coworker of Mum’s, that attends QUT) was on the train and went looking for her but couldn’t find her.

We drove or got driven to Landsborough and met Dana there and gave both Dana and Kyle a lift back home, which was embarrassing (don’t you just love siblings) and interesting simultaneously. When we finally got home, I noticed that my little sister’s friend Breanna was staying over. (Grand total of 14, not bad for one afternoon + evening)

Ok that is that story out of the way, in other news, I played a game of Europe in Ruins ( (a persistent army mod for COH) that I didn’t suck at, I attended and did quite good at a MAB281 (Mathematics for Computer Graphics, not to self next time get more study and sleep and right fast from the beginning, even if it hurts your wrist, which is what the extra time is supposed avoid, but doesn’t seem to), I also managed to submit my Maths Modelling Assignment (MAB422) in on time, albeit as complete as I could get it with Maple not returning the differential equations with dsolve.

I spent way too much of the Weekend on that assignment, and getting stuck on both the phase plane section and the analytical solution of the DE didn’t help things, on the bright side I did get to read Harry Potter 7, as told to by Gatl, and found it boring, more funny than sad and disappointing. DEs or Differential equations seem to cause tiredness in me.

One that note, its 1am and I need sleep, continue this when I can, since I have 2 assessment items for a group project due by 5pm today.
Continuing as I now have time to do so about a day later. I also managed to do well enough, but not as well as I would have liked on my Mathematics for Computer Graphics Midsemester exam. (MAB281) After this I managed to play a game of Europe in Ruins (persistent army mod for Company of Heroes) and not suck. Hazzar to quote Chrystle or myself.

I then went home and slept to make up for lost sleep, the went into to uni to work on my ITB712 Group Assessment items which were due today, (and we managed to complete and submit them both successfully Hazzar!!), and ended up not getting much work done, observing Ruben recompiling AMP (Apache Mysql and PHP) on Olympus, and then watching him play WOG (World of Greenroom, the Greenroom’s private WoW server, which is slightly broken and using Ascent, nothing a few database hacks won’t fix).

After watching WOG for a while, I along with Arania were both boring almost to the point of mindlessness with WoW and began to wonder what its appeal was ?
I also wondered what Gatl was doing on WoW, that was so important she couldn’t even have time to say Hi.., meh *sigh*

As it got later the program changed to watching Doctor Who (The Shakespeare Code Episode) and Invader Zim, this was all made possible thanks to the generosity of Ruben and his fancy lots of gigabytes NAS (network attached storage). I am still wondering if it was worth sacrificing Numb3rs and NCIS for that but I will just have to wait and see or wait and be blind.

Before the night ended, Ruben showed me an interesting short story called the Last Question by Isaac Asimov, which several topics including whether or not you could reverse entropy, whether reality is subjective, the nature of base logic (which I walked all the way to Adelaide St, in attempt to explain it to Ruben only to walk all the way back unsuccessfully.) and other such wonderful topics.

On my way back I bumped into Arania and talked a little while longer before heading home. I came to the realisation that just like the rule of 3 for IRC,
Of the people on IRC they can be Single, Intelligent, Mentally Stable , Pick 2.

I will let my readers determine whether I match all 3 or which 2 (as I am on IRC, 17 channels at last count), of course it depends on your definition of Intelligence and Mental Stability. Hey my hand is almost going numb. But anyway I came to the realisation that using Goedel’s laws of certainty and uncertainty and the limits of knowledge theorems…

The rule of 3 for logic systems or base logic is
Complete, Consistent, Valid Pick 2

The majority of people believe that base logic or normal logic is all 3, but by Goedel’s laws it cannot be. So either base logic is incomplete (hence my mention of using illogic or another external logic system to complete it) or invalid, which can mean we don’t exist :). (this can also be solved by using another external logic system such as illogic to validate it).

The two logic systems don’t just merge into to one, otherwise you would still have to pick 2, which demonstrates the importance of the belief in multiple logic systems, which as a sidenote strengthens the case for not ignoring faith which is a basis for illogic, just as truth is a basis for base logic, instead they are separate systems linked by a circular logic structure whether it be a circular argument, a paradox or something else (an giant elastic band :P)

On a side note, I said something quite cool in the Maths Workroom the other day that they asked me to write on the board.
It was “Your approximation of reality is inaccurate. More iterations required”
in this same round I also got told not to steal the tea (when I don’t even drink tea…, wow the Maths Society is paranoid about their tea and I thought Mathematicians were supposed turn coffee into theorems), but Cake Day is tomorrow , shame I am not a member, oh well their is always next year.

On a final weird note, after being asked two questions about how I meet the people I know or make friends and about how I keep in contact with them, I figure that I should probably say that at the moment I don’t know how it works yet or even if it works…

I would also like to compare my existing relationships to my QUT Wireless connection, in the sense that most of them are established connections, even connections that support data transmission and application stacks, but for some weird reason my packets get dropped when I ping people ….
Maybe they are a busy server or maybe my route to them is misplaced, or maybe I am impatient in expecting a fast response time, or maybe my signal is out of range.

But the next time I ping you (I greet you or contact you or say Hi…, etc) in would be nice to get a Reply From so & so along with a few packets of data maybe storing emoticons like πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ and words like Hi, How are you ? , I am fine, I am great … etc (no pressure, after all I normally have to wait along time for QUT Wireless to work or stay working)

I am going to try and attempt to organise a get together sometime to play Mafia and Mao again, and will probably seen an email with a long CC list eventually. For the sake of clarity today is yesterday for the today mentioned in the entry, and today is Cake Day. (This today being the day this is uploaded and not written.)

The question for this post is Did you go down to the woods today ? Did you believe your eyes ? What did you see ? What saw you ?

Best wishes and good luck with your commitments and other life featuring items

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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