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Sanitation Frustation, Updates and Blockers, Modelling love , New blue gift of growth

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I am currently sitting here, cleanly out my laptop’s 100gb hard drive, and updating as much software for my Gentoo as I can since I had to leave the software updates to the weekend as their were several blockers (packages that can’t be installed with other packages), but I believe I have them all sorted out now.

Other current blockages include our toilet which has caused the most grief this weekend. Because it is a septic system it isn’t just as easy as using a caustic or acidic solution like Draino to unblock, and we are currently using an enzyme based solution which may or may not be working and can take upto 12 hours to fully process….

The worst outcome of this is that my Mum has banned toilet paper (She believes this is the solution, I believe it is just avoiding the problem.), and my parents are seriously considering banning internet given my little brother’s online gaming habits (an almost addiction to the game Conqueror Online…).

This combined with numerous other factors promote and encourage me to reevaluate my current situation and to remember my identity and comfort zone, outside that of my family. I currently done really feel at home, either in the City or Peachester, in fact ironically I feel more at home sitting anywhere with decent internet typing or uploading stuff to this site, which now that I think about it isn’t that ironic, ironically. (two levels of irony, how many will cope ?, n levels of irony, how many still cope ?)

I would probably move out on my own if my resources and circumstances allowed me to do so, but unfortunately they currently do not. I also need to reparse and update my todolist to ensure that all the stuff I need to do gets listed and eventually done. When I do move out or possibly before then I am going to have to find my own doctor, lawyer, etc, etc …
(Circle of professionals….)

Today my mother’s sister and her husband visited us as they were over our side of the country (they are from WA), and they were an hour late, which wasn’t that important, other than the fact that Dad wanted to go to the beach early, and Mum had other plans which they then had to change to accommodate an early meeting time 9am, which ended up happening later anyhow. (I don’t normally talk about family much, if my talking about family on this occasion bothers any of the people that read my blog (Wait a second, people other than me, or those that I have told, or Bots actually read my blog ???… If so this is a triumph…)), well you will just have to comment about it in the comments )

Anyways I said to my Aunty and Uncle, with my parents in the car, a small slightly humorous advertisement which I am going to repeat here. 18 YO M N/S N/D Maths/IT Student Seeks FFI (Fast Free Internet) and GC (Good company) along with the occasional shared meal and card game….

I spent most of Wednesday to Friday last week playing Europe in Ruins in the company of Ruben and completing my group MAB422 Maths modelling assignment which was using differential equations to model love. (Thanks JC Sprott for your initial groundwork). If anyone wants a copy of the report, feel free to request one from me ……

The general conclusions were that in order to have a strong relationship with someone whether a positive or negative relationship, the direction of the relationship was determined by romantic or social profile or personality and the strengh of the relationship was determined by the amount of influential interaction .

I intend to exterpolate and interpolate the findings of this report to the majority of my social interactions in general, although the findings of the report weren’t exactly new to me.

I updated to the new STK11xx webcam drivers and they seem to have memory allocation issues so I will have to file a bug relating to that. I also have to get around to doing the regression test for WinMX under Wine, to get the Netrek Cow Client to compile and a valid ebuild, let alone the release of my Wesnoth Maps and the Indonesian translation for Wesnoth and my Gentoo development quiz. I am also going to have to setup all the ACPI buttons, get the wireless LED working, and setup hibernate or suspend…

I found a local (1km down the road) biodynamic blueberry grower, and was able to purchase Chrystle’s birthday present(two blueberry bush / shrub cuttings) for her and give it to her today. The fact that I have a local blueberry grower nearby is awesome, it means decent priced delicious biodynamic blueberries. Hazzaar and Hooray πŸ™‚

I am in a gift giving mood and am currently thinking about the wxMozilla code I have to write for my ITB712 (Software Enigeering Studies) group project, the Matlab code I have to write for my MAB220 (Computational Maths 1) assignment and about forms of government and Polybius’ musings on Kyklos.

Chrystle made a very good point , when I was talking to her after dropping off her present, she says whenever I talk to her, I have recently been eating cake or pie or something. This makes me think, who many other people do I talk to that see or hear of my eating other things…

My little brother says I am too loud as he is always asleep when I am quite, imagine the effect you could have on someone if their only exposure to you was that of a particular emotion or behaviour, they would logically stereotype and limit you as someone as only exhibiting that emotion or behaviour. That is social conditioning at its best for you…

I think society needs to start using social conditioning for a positive improvement in the morale and morality of humanity. Then the world would be a better place for all. As a sidenote GIR from Invader Zim is awesome….

This post’s questions are What do you all think my diet consists of ? and What is the gift you most want to receive ? (I am in a gift giving mood) , and What is the gift you most want to give ?

Best wishes and hope your having fun,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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