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Pudding, Railroads, Headaches and slow progress

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

My current status is a bit of a conundrum. I have been stressed, sick, sore, tired, happy, busy, concerned, GIR-like, distracted, in awe, inspired and then some. I am enjoying my holidays, kind of, although given the amount of work I have to do still, I really couldn’t say that I am enjoying them.

At least the blackberry pudding and the 3 hours sleep I got this afternoon (to cure my headache…) helped my unusual mood. I also found my copy of Railroads Tycoon 2 and after redoing the first campaign and tutorial, and wasting more time playing ET only to be disrespected by idiots. (where did the good Internode servers go, Game Arena just isn’t the same).

I hope to be visiting several people in Toowoomba tomorrow, but we will see how that goes. If this holiday has taught me anything, it is either A. Don’t make plans that circumstances lobotimise or B. Focus is important. (Just because I am feeling miserable and not upto coding / working / studying doesn’t mean that chatting to people, or playing games or chilling online will help my mood. (Although theoretically it should)).

To my ITB712 team, don’t worry that I am behind schedule, I already have mockups of my GUI design and code segments, and have actually gotten a chance to look at your source code for once. It should all be done (to or past Phase 1) close of business friday.

Thanks for the wish to stay in contact email Kristina, if anyone else is interested in staying in contact, then please contact me or I will contact you. (I know I have a large list of people I want to stay in contact with, and a smaller list of people I want to improve my relationship with.)

Now to be brutally honest but not secret revealing (much), Seeing as my taking my soul out of silver box after highschool seemed to be an appropriate but costly decision, I conclude that for the moment I accept who I am (not to say that I wasn’t before) and rejoice in mine me-ness.

Although I will say the social interaction / networking boom that people normally experience when the start Uni was kind of damaged when several key players either quit Uni or deferred. This is the flaw in hierarchical social networks over web or mesh networks, their is no social redundancy, because the majority of social interactions are transmitted via the organisation and glue of a few popular sanguines.

(Hippocratic personality type, also mentioned in Personality Plus book series) (sanguines’ organised, you say, well yeah, they tend to be the sparkiest social butterfly to ever flutter the game that is social interaction in the Massive Multiplayer Real Life Experience (hence forth MMRLE or RL) )

That said Ruben is trying to place some organisation back into things by rerunning forums and IRC on Olympus, and we still have Gunther who maintains a nice little network of EIR players. I am not sure if I should make public my todolist yet, but as aforementioned (yes, this is a rare a occasion I reference a previous blog post), I am looking for good company.

So those people that I am friends with currently, I want to stay friends with and also improve that friendship. This was part of my plan of going to Toowoomba tomorrow, as it was supposed to go last holidays but didn’t get the chance. I am not sure what I am doing for my birthday this year, nothing as big as last year, although I will probably organise a more diverse get together involving Mao, Mafia, and other games card, board, computer and otherwise during the next holiday period.

I also got the regression test done for WinMx under WINE. (which was another thing I was supposed to do last holidays).
I would write more, and I have several post and post ideas in draft form (Thanks Redhatter for the inspiration of draft form) (include some bits and pieces of on software engineering, some of sitcom and other dialogues in my head, and more music and audio recordings) but I need sleep if I want to wake up early tommorow in order to get to Toowoomba on time. (especially because I wanted to stay more then one day, but won’t be now, and I was also considering visiting (Great .. I think)Uncle Rod and Auntie Carol.)

Thanks to Sabrina for the Neopets (adds to the list of online games he will actually consider playing, (unlike WoW)) conversation, and her friend Ash for the translated lyrics of Gaukt songs. The redemption music video was riveting, and it inspired me to see the 30 minut music video which was also awesome.

Shame that torchwood isn’t on still. (Thanks to Chrystle, for the reminder, best of luck with your anatomy study) I need watch more anime, old animation films, Doctor Who and Torchwood, and more Zim probably, as well as writing more wxPython GUI code, C code, x86 assembly ISRs and Matlab code.

This post’s question is What makes you ask the questions you ask ? What makes you seek the answer for them ? Why are you curious ? Is the desire for knowledge a primeval urge ?

Best wishes, best of luck with study, work, fun and such and such, and keep wondering ….

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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