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Late nights, Deja Vu, Prior Engagement and Crash……

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

Uni is keeping me very busy, but I guess it is that time of year. I mean only 5 to 6 weeks and then the semester and all the exams are over. I am currently working getting wxMozilla wxPython bindings to compile on Win32. (I will be posting instructions once I am finished, other things I will eventually post include some new choruses and songs I am writing, a semi satrical piece of my IT education so far, the recordings or transcripts of some of my mental skits, etc)

I am also working on general study for all my subjects, a Maths modelling assignment, a Computer Architecture assignment and this group project for ITB712. The last few nights have been late ones at Uni, whether working or talking (thank you Sabrina) or whatever else.

I went to Elise’s engagement party of Saturday, it was absolutely wonderful. I am so glad Elise and Darren are happy. The coolness of the pool and the heat of the day complimented each other entirely. I arrived late as Dallas (my ride :P) was stuck in traffic, but it wasn’t that bigger of a deal. Elise was more excited that I actually came and that I was going to go swimming.

On the way there I discovered a design flaw in the Tomtom GPS Dallas has, you know you have been paying attention in Software Engineering Studies when you get mad or upset at poorly designed software interfaces. The dynamics of the party were interesting from the people I met at Darren’s 21st , the Tumaths, my family and the others I am yet to meet properly. It was good catching up and offering my congratulations to the engaged couple.

I also got to briefly chat with Buddy (regarding Xbox 360 mods, Halo3, anime, Doctor Who, etc) and Teegan (regarding her employment and future) which was nice. Bob Tumath (Elise’s Dad) wouldn’t stop bringing up the philosophical and utopic discussion we had on MSN ages ago, I don’t think he ever will get over my answering his humourous rhetorical questions in a logical literal sense.

The most interesting thing about the party, would have been the fact that I had seen it all already over 6 months ago, right down to the engagement ring and the dress she was wearing in a dream / premonition. I am looking forward to attending the wedding :).

After the engagement party finished Mum was giving me a lift home, and we were involved in a car cash. We are both fine now, barring some minor bruises, aches and cuts, and the car whilst damaged isn’t written and is covered under insurance. The crash was at the Dornoch Gladstone intersection that I walk across everyday, so the entire experience is a bit hallowing for me. The ambulance, police and firepeople where very helpful and polite. Mum had to say in hospital under observation for neck or spinal injury most of the night.

The worst part about the crash, is that like the engagement party it was also in my dream, the same dream in fact, and whilst I normally can predict and alter some circumstances of certain dreams and premonitions, this was static and not alterable.

I am sure I will have to mentally process everything all through, and focus on my desires and goals and apply my willpower to keep me from get sidetracked or from falling behind. I was laughing weirdly after the crash mostly from the accuracy of the premonition, my own mental vulnerability and the irony of the circumstances.

Oblivion (What I don’t know about, doesn’t concern me) and apathy (What I don’t care about, doesn’t concern me) are interesting things. I notice I have slipped away from anti-socialism and apathy for the moment, as I enjoy social contact as much as solitude and reflection, and when I become a apathetic, I become stoic (not like the philosophy, rather like the new deffinition of the word), and don’t care about anything. My heart becomes stone. I think it is better to have an emotive heart that can feel joy and pain, rather than a heart of stone, but whether my thoughts remain like that, is something for the future to determine.A significant portion of my week of holidays was torn up with this moral and psychological decision, of To be or not to be, to feel or not to feel.

After being dropped home from the hospital I watched the Sideshow (which was funny as a ever) and most of the movie The Island. I want to read Huxley’s book the Island now , having read Huxley’s Brave New world and enjoying studying the moral and philosophical implications of Utopic and Dystopic socieities.

I don’t like the fact the traffic light the same one we saw as green, and the other witnesses said was red takes less than 3 seconds to change from green to red, given the size of that intersection. I timed it this morning while walking down the hill.

I can’t wait till teleportation becomes the prefered method of travel. I just heard James Blunt’s new song 1973, and I absolutely love it, and relate to the metaphors behind it. Isolationism is so easy in today’s society. I am also rebuilding numerous software packages on my laptop as expat was masked for some reason. (So I am going through rebuilding everything againist the new expat for a second time, but the second time makes it easier.)

I also recommend the movie Tarka the Otter, is it a romantic scenic tradegy that actual uses the word bitch in its proper meaning and context.

I am going to go back to the repetitive process of fixing these bindings, and I wish you all the best and farewell for now.

This post’s question is How far would you go to protect the ones you love ? Do you agree or disagree with hunting for sport, if so then why ? (personally I disagree)

Stay safe and keep into or out of mischief

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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