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Forgot to recharge, Everything easy has its cost,Tags and working stats, Does WINE and WinMX go together… ?

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey everyone,

I forgot my power cable today. (Again….) . The MAB220 lecture was good although I misseed the first 10 minutes. Revisiting / repeating Romberg integration and improper integrals. I believe I am now stopping with my wxMozilla efforts as the group has decided to go with a C# GUI for the ease and speed of development. I got wxMozilla to build on Windows by copying my header files from my /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox directory, this was much easier than locating them in the source tarball or generating them from the idl files using xpidl.

I managed to get to of the libs that wxMozilla wanted to link to from the gecko-sdk binary. The other libraries I didn’t manage to get as they required me to compile xulrunner from source and although I had VS2003 (and not VS2005, as it fails….) and minigw environment courtesty of the Mozilla-build package. The configure wasn’t able to find Java even with a valid .mozconfig, thanks #developers on for all your help. Even when I set JAVA_HOME or manually provided the java bin directory, it wasn’t able to find it.

Upon walking home through the storm last night. it was wet and windy but I loved every minute of it. I got home drenched and decided just to have Chicken sandwichs with the fancy Tomato and Cheese bread that Helgas makes, only after eating did I realise the bread contained sulphites as preservatives, which I am allergic to, so long story short, I didn’t get much sleep last night and my throat is still sore. I should have cooked the mince and pasta, but my laziness and simplicity lead to my sore throat.

I hate sulphites, and I don’t like my allergy much either.

I just upgraded the wp-stats plugin so it works with WP 2.3, and I am finally taking advantage of the new tags feature.
I just received a patch that should allow WinMX to work with latest Wine, I will test it when I get home (due to lack of power cable) and will continue rebuilding the remaining 50 or so packages that need to link against expat.

This post may be smaller than normal, which may or may not be good thing.

This post’s question is Has an easy out you have taken ever had an unexpected consequence ?

You live you learn

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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