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Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

This post is long overdue I know but given all that I am upto, those who actually bother will understand if not tolerate.
Invites are sent out.


I am sitting in an empty house, with no way to get down the range to the train station to get to the city. But I figure I know when the last train leaves & I have the phone number of the local taxi service, so I will properly get packed up & down there in time. My mood is frustrated but pensive with bouts of indecision, intensive loneliness & isolation and the occasional sprinkle of hope. I am listening to Hey Leonardo & Fidelity, and some Taty and James Blunt’s new album.

My feet sting from insect bites so I am soaking them a tub of water in a primitive effort to eliminate the ethereal sensation of pain on my ankles. I haven’t been eating anything other than dim sims, for the moment, though I did take sausages out of the freezer.

I need to go shopping for groceries and not for new clothes as Dallas suggested on the ride up. I also need to go yohoing (diablo) or rollerblading to increase my level of physical fitness.

I don’t like living on hills, but given my Dad experienced the 1974 floods, I have been living on hills for a long time, for one it means I don’t rollerblade as much, as the terrain isn’t suitable. I have so much to get through. See more information in the busyness section.

My mobile current has no battery charge πŸ™ but has free texts left.

I had a sushi buffet with Mum earlier and it was pure awesome. SUSHI Buffet FTW , *happy dances*

Pat’s Birthday

Attending Pat’s 19th yesterday, watched almost everything, party was ok I guess, I got to see Pat and Matt, and have another few debates and conversations with Matt. I also got play texas holdem poker which I was winning (I was chip lead), until the other players couldn’t be stuffed playing. I didn’t sleep the entire night but got about 5 to 6 hours upon getting home.

Way too many got pushed in the pool and had their phones damaged. It is interesting to attend a party, even when that type of party and those attending are not your crowd or your scene. Every geek or intellectual quip or joke, either got one laugh or ignorance or social criticism to euphemise it. What was funny is how many times I was asked what I was upto, I feel like it would have been better to wear a placard with what I had been doing on it.

The number of people caught in a groove or a oscillating pattern amazed me, but that is the social economic area and its effects on the population. Being incorrectly labeled as being a hippie was tedious, but then as aforementioned they didn’t properly acknowledge the geek stereotype anyways. Why does long hair & intelligence mean hippie ?

Social stereotypes are rather limiting and pathetic. One chooses ones friends and the people around them carefully because those around them influence them. Their was also way too much smoking and smoke for my liking and the only one that was actually careful to ensure I wasn’t downwind from them was Matt. Another funny thing was the $30 dollars Pat’s little brother got as tips from people, it seems people have less need for money when off their faces.


Workwise I got a new ID card and have to get my password for it, I also have to summarise a list of my accomplishments so far as Michael won’t be in tommorow and Kerry will be instead. I spend most of Thursday relearning the nuances of specific types of inheritance, generics and return type structure in Java, all the code I ended up writing didn’t do what was required, but then again neither did the snippet Michael quickly coded up once I had finished it.

I have a feeling I will have to write a custom Graph Content Provider for our needs to use with Zest, I will probably check the Zest mailing list or email Ian Bull (Zest’s creator) regarding it. Java coding is fun in Eclipse, but I so need more RAM.

Chris is still working on porting several ATL examples into Tefkat, but comes across many gaps in his knowledge that hopefully Thomas or Michael can fill.


Yesterday afternoon I had an impromptu meeting regarding some employment writing a VBA macro calculator for a jobsheet for a neighbour. This means I currently have the following projects to keep me busy

  • Vacation Research Scholarship in MTL Visualisation in Eclipse
  • Gentoo Development Quiz and Application
  • Game Development Project with a few colleagues from University (I probably should go into more detail on it, but I am not going to as it would just be bitter, considering I had deja vu & didn’t realise it to halfway through ,and by then it is always to late. It went ok I guess)
  • Wesnoth Maps Uploading and Balancing
  • Wesnoth Indonesian translation
  • Web stuff for ICTBS
  • A PHP project from Nikolai
  • VBA Macro project from neighbour

Other non project things that I also need to get down is catching up with as many people as possible, enjoying my holidays (what holidays :P), possibly more Neopets stuff (whether studying ludology & gameplay in the flash games or keeping my XHTML & CSS skills non rusty) (Sabrina got me playing it and has been offline for at least 2 weeks, you have no idea how painful that is) , and of course the skit writing, blog theming, possible tutoring and teaching and lots of other stuff.
Awards Night for my little sister

This was ok, best moment was when my sister’s friend stood on the local MP’s shoe / foot, or possibly when my sister recording the Joseph & Technicolour dream coat medley (I saw Joseph & Technicolour dream coat at the theatre) onto her phone. She is moving schools for next year and will have my little brother helping her out as they will share the same school.

I got to catch with Roland which was good, also got to meet my little sister’s science teacher who had heard so much about me. Shame I didn’t get to see Andrew but maybe I will later in the break.


I also got to catch up briefly with Lisa and her sisters, but only for 3 hours and it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. Doctor Who conversation would have been the highlights.

I also got catch up with my granddad (mum’s dad) , we took him out to Redcliffe for a drive and then shopping, we took the haphazard way of getting there (Mum’s is almost known for it, but always gets us there in the end), but it was good as granddad (whose old occupation was a real estate valuer) got to see all the property development that happen seen he had last been there (when he was little, (primary school)). We then went shopping, Grandad is awesome to shop with :).

I also got to catch up with my grandmother (dad’s mum), who I will see again over Christmas and who is very much enjoying all the books on CD she has been listening too.


I know I should have completed skits up here and instead I have an incomplete list with one or two partials.

Little Johhny Maligent (The cute evil 3 old, whose moral compass points to a static south ,warning reading this may warp your mind indefinitely)

Harry Potter & The Daleks (Started improvising this for Claire)

Access Denied Skit

The Runners (original improvised this for Sabrina)

King of Macroni & Cheese

The Worthiness of the Fish Skit (In Indonesian)

The Blueberry Cheesecake Story (extension of what actually happened, warning will contain strong geek jokes and references)

The Chasers War on themselves

Morons Anonymous

The Infested Restaurant

The post’s question is Which skit do you want to read first or want completed first?

Best of luck, have fun,

Look forward to hearing / seeing from all.

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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