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Wedding Bagpipes, The Child on the Bus, Protester Blacklisting,Broken Inside

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hey Everyone,

Long time no update, but it is that time of year.

I should have another audio post for the new year and I would actually like to have some feedback on stuff so feel free to comment or email or contact me.

First things first. Elaboration on the Title Topics.

I have to mention the wonderful wedding of Elise & Darren’s that I attended in my purple suit. It was a very memorable experience, complete with sunshine, bagpipes, kilts, a buttonless black dress shirt (Only Buddy (A friend of Elise’s) can wear a shirt done up with only gold safety pins as the buttons mystically disappeared and Converse sneakers to a wedding, just as I was the only one in a purple suit, Buddy & I get along quite well, and enjoyed discussing the scenic background of the wedding, (on the water) and the details of the wedding photography.), a Scottish brooch & some well hidden Aussie thongs, lots of Ribbons and comic celebrant.

Elise & Darren are most likely enjoying there honeymoon, and so they should be. I am so happy for them both. I am also going to have mention the unusual things at the reception involving me feeling a little off colour (pardon the pun :P), a friend of the Tumath’s flattering me, and attempting to match make me with her daughter and only showing me a photo of when her daughter wh owasn’t present was little, and that she was like Wednesday from “The Addams Family”.

This is making me curious because I can’t recall the first name of the Mother and I wasn’t told the surname, and I wasn’t sure about which Wednesday she was referring to as the cartoon, TV, Movie & Anime Wednesday’s have different personas and personalities.

This leads me to wonder why the Mother was so eager to matchmake, and whether her daughter likes spiders and guillotining porcelain dolls and causing harm to others (sadism) or her siblings. To conclude I got my scalp sunburnt and go told off by the father of the bride about my lack of my hat and my political preference. (I did try to avoid mentioning it.)

But next topic.

The Child on the Bus

This section was hard to get into the right words. Thanks to Sabrina for asking about it so that I had a framework of this anecdote to go by when posting it.

I saw a child on bus, the other week before Christmas, on the one day I took bus home instead of walking up the hill as I normally do. The bus ticket reader was broken, so most people got a free ride. I was standing as always, as I always stand on buses because it is polite and it’s not like I have any one to sit beside and chat with. I was watching / observing all the people in the bus.

Directly in front of me was a little girl (around 3 to 4) with her parents (a young Asian couple). She was standing on her dad’s lap and playing with him and his arms: and enjoying pieces of chocolate and Arnotts chocolate teddy bears that parents gave to her. Her Mum tried to play with her but she ignored her Mum, she was more interested in Arnotts chocolate teddy bears and game she was playing with Dad.

It appeared as though she didn’t like Mum or didn’t care so much, anyhow, she continued playing and smiling as bus drove on she looked back at people behind her, the lady that sat directly behind that was making silly faces at her as old people tend to treat little ones.

I was pensive and I would occasionally smile and wink at her (I like kids and have a blue card, but the parents never seem to like me, they always think he is a weirdo or creep or perve or something) (In the dialog I had with Sabrina she asked whether I tie my hair back, and I replied I do, as she reckons it might help.)

*pop*These parents didn’t mind and the little girl was giggling and playing game with Dad still and then she didn’t get a chocolate teddy and she was about cry or whinge that she didn’t get one, but Mum saw and popped one in her mouth and then the little girl went back to giggles and play.

As bus moved forward towards next stop, Mum pressed the stop button and got up and got off…., Her Dad waved bye to Mum and at first little girl didn’t notice (for at least 2 minutes) but as the bus started moving again, the little girl looked round and didn’t see mum and even though like earlier it looked like she didn’t care.

Now she burst into crying and tears Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!. All other passengers but me turned to look and react to the noise, I just kept focus and made no reaction.

Dad tried to get the girl to play game again but the girl wasn’t interested, he tried giving her a chocolate teddy bear but girl didn’t want it, everyone knew what she wanted Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!, Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma!!. (Here is part where Sabrina commented on cuteness)

Eventually as bus kept on rolling and at two stops down from prior stop the Dad and the daughter got off, and she was still crying. I wasn’t sure if the parents were separated or Mum had to work or what. I was pensive.As the Dad and daughter who was being carried by Dad, walked off she didn’t stop crying.

I was thinking of the age, the innocence, the circumstances and the metaphor f while we are busy with life or content with food, or trinkets we don’t really notice or acknowledge those that are special to us, but as soon as they go……
:as soon as something happens to make then disappear, the busyness and stuff doesn’t matter and that seems to be the my message about meaning of Christmas.

Not silly presents or memories of Saint Nicholas being nice to poor, not a Christian Stolen Pagan festival from north hemisphere that has the dates wrong, not stupid commercialism, not food or trinkets
but people, people that matter, I reflected rest of the journey home about meaning and metaphors and other memories, It reminded me a bit of Joyuex Noel (Best Christmas Movie ever, although Hogfather is a close second) , as it has other metaphors that give the Christmas message.

Protester Blacklisting

I was going to a bit more on this but I don’t think it needs a much as I first planned. Basically those who are diligent will remember my first post about the candle protester, I have since then been approached by the two members of the The Wilderness Society (probably because I have long hair, and look like a hippie or something) .

The first one I mentioned in an earlier blog post about Nuclear radiation and Synroc and what not else. This is the second one. On my lunchbreak from work a few weeks ago, I was again approached by another Wilderness Society recruit (He was getting paid so he wasn’t a volunteer), He asked me if I wanted to join their cause, I replied with a flat out No!.

He then asked whether I knew what they were doing to the rainforest. I then told him what they were doing and told him I knew of the solution to the majority of their problems. He was now eager to hear it. I said, “The best way to protect the Wilderness from destruction, is via mass genocide or mass killing of all the people, as the Wilderness can’t get ruined if there are no people to ruin it.

I then went on to say while this method isn’t ethically or morally viable, and there are other methods available the majority of them would not save the Wilderness as the level of bureaucracy in Government and the level of corruption in Business prevent most of the methods from working, the remaining methods are so gradually that without an external catalyst the Wilderness is doomed anyways.

I followed by a brief explanation of consumerism and production and the economic decisions which made the Wilderness and society was it was. (I won’t go into to it here, as most of it was recalled from highschool economics essays and (which is a really good website that everyone should watch)).

Once I had finished speaking, all he could say was “Wow”, I then took my leave and went to get my lunch about 5 minutes late. Basically what I want to say to protesters is this, I have long hair, I am aware of your causes, and the problems of the world, I have spent a significant amount of time and effort looking at solutions to save the world and humanity from itself.

Please don’t approach me in fact please blacklist me, unless you are looking for someone who knows your subject material as good or better than you do, who has actually planned and done stuff towards your causes other than just saying we need more supporters to get anything done. (All it is takes is a small group of motivated people to change the world.)

Or unless you are looking for someone who to tell to take over the world in order to save it. Of course I don’t want to rule the world. (Only to save it from itself, and humanity from themselves, and while this is quixotic, I still stand for it). I do however have contacts and colleagues that do want to control or rule the world and who would know how to ensure society undergoes different social conditioning to the point of revolution and riots or who know how to pull off assassinations and coups.

Because ultimately quoting Red Gum (one of the greatest bands) “If you don’t fight you , you lose” , that is why people are called activists because they actually do something, promotion of a cause or message is important, but if you all you do is spread the message, then you end up with an entire world that knows the message, but does nothing.

Just like on “Last of the Time Lords” (Yay Red Gum and Doctor Who references, I pat myself on the back), Martha not only tells the world the Doctor’s and her story, she also gives them an instruction. It is them all actively following this instruction that regenerates the Doctor, not the fact the know the story, although have a series of psychic mind control satellites helps too. (Believe it or not, this is another non ethical solution, because it absolves freewill in order to benefit humanity.)

Simply instead of telling me that I should join your cause and then get others to join your cause, I suggest you actually do or plan something resembling a solution.

Broken Inside

I have almost recovered from my physiological and emotion state, which was altered / caused by a betrayal or two. I am not going to say much more, except that I am still healing, I find it very ironic that I accidentally moved my /lib directory to RAM (when fixing an invalid symlink , to fix the wine bug and others I was having) and then cleared the RAM.

This placed my laptop in a state quite similar to my physiological and emotion state. Luckily I was able to use a Gentoo LiveCD and busybox to copy the most of the libraries for a chroot I made a while back. (I no longer hate chroots). I then ran revdep-rebuild and waited. My system is virtually fixed now, except for a weird thing where alt-f2 gets responded to by both KDE and Xorg, but I think a recompile of Xorg may fix that, if only the process in my brain was as efficient as revdep-rebuild.

Anyhow, I know this post doesn’t contain anything about my birthday or Christmas, but the next one will.

Best wishes

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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