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Waiter Is there a bug in my Java ?, Ironic excursion into wilderness results in finding meaning of true hapiness and unintentional death, and some other odds and ends…

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

How are we all ? Silent and uninterested as usual.

This update like the last one should have been written and posted earlier, my apologies to anyone who suffered as a result of the delay in writing this.

Java Blues (You can get blue coffee ?)

I begin to realise know that most of the problems with my code not working aren’t due to typographical errors or silly mistakes but rather due to my unfamiliarity with the Eclipse Plugin Architecture and the Eclipse View Architecture and to a lesser extent Java itself.

I also realise that if I had been in contact with someone familiar with either of those architectures it would have made my time coding this plugin so far significantly easier. Currently my buttons and everything else isn’t showing up, and I am not sure why, but at least my view isn’t crashing, my application worked best as a standalone SWT/ Jface app, but meh.

Into The Wild

I recently saw Into the Wild and throughly enjoyed it. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good movie. The movie also reiterates the ironic conundrum of an individual finding the secrets of true happiness and wisdom, only to die the death of a martyr and not get to live them. It was quite painful to view the reality of human nature where simple carelessness and stubbornness lead to such tragedy.

Philosophy isn’t Dead

Today I got unintentionally caught in a discussion in ##philosophy in Freenode in response to the statement “Philosophy is Dead”, it was an interesting incursion into death of abstract concepts as anthropomorphism, analogy, metaphor, literal lack of existence or otherwise, I enjoy dialogue on such oddities and was quite happy to discuss the subject with one or two other channel members.

Learning the Hard Way Why good help is so hard to find.

Everyone has heard of the adage “Good help is hard to find”, but few people think about why. It seems to me from my experience of being ridiculed, rejected, scorned, ignored, criticised, mocked and generally disconcerted that people don’t want help regardless of whether they need it or not. The quality of the help doesn’t matter,Pat Rafter could offer your child free tennis coaching , but if you child doesn’t want to play tennis, then fat chance they will attend one session playing or coaching with Pat Rafter.

When people need or want help they usually ask for it. But these days pride, importance and independence mean that people are reluctant to ask for help, let alone accept help as they see it is a sign of weakness, because they no longer get the satisfaction of doing it all by themselves. This is the kind of satisfaction that a young child has like the protagonist in Andrew Daddo’s “I Do It”, and yet as old we grow, we don’t seem to get over this sense of self importance and pride.

I can understand now, why classmates and fellow students hated me for allowing them to extend and broaden their knowledge and learning, I can understand why people flat out rejected my attempts to care about their well being and their quality of life. Being helpful and nice seems to come hand in hand with being used and treated like a doormat, or being rejected.

These are the days in which if you tried to help an old lady across the street, you would get all eyes on you with suspicious glares wondering when you are going to snatch her handbag, you go anywhere near a playground or children that it doesn’t appear you are family to, and people think pervert or pedophile.

This is quite sad and I don’t see why virtues are admonished as the vices that people engage in everyday are ignored or disregarded. Human Morality and Human Nature needs hope know more than ever, if we are even going to bother to turn off the TV, wake up and actually start caring about the state of our surroundings.

More notes and updates are scheduled for later.

I wish everyone the best with their new year and their celebrations.

Best wishes

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 πŸ™‚

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