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Tabula rasa, carte blanche, whitewall

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Before you panic and scream about the absence of my traditional eye burning (someone elses words not mine) purple and green theme, (which you won’t do, because as far as I know my reader base is asymptotic at present).

This is just a notice to inform you that I have working headphones now, so audio blogs are incoming, along with lots of other fun content, and lots of interactive web, also I am finally redoing my WordPress Theme from scratch.

Well almost scratch, I am actually starting with the HTML 5 version of Starkers by Nathan Staines . Hopefully after all these years of waiting the web might be ready for the actualisation for some of the designs in my head.

Other news, that should go in another blog post, but won’t due to timing constraints at present includes,

  • the fact I have graduated from my studies (Bachelor of Information Technology with Distinction and a Bachelor of Mathematics)
  • I am currently looking for work (Preferably in IT, but anything involving solving problems or providing solutions works as)
  • Sideprojects I have been recently been working on include, the bris2600 website and irc bot, web scrapers in Python with Beautiful Soup, learning Perl ( making a templation tool), and a program for automated scanlating of manga and comics (in C++ with QT

If people have requests for website features or theme features or discussion topics, just message or email me or leave a comment.

Presently it seems the only comments I get are the spam ones…

Best wishes and thanks for your time,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 😀

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