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ZOMBULANCE the Movie….

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post, with something that is totally both very important and not at all important simultaneously, that is correct it has Schrödinger importance of the highest level.

Was on a bus today, meet random strangers on said bus, came up with movie idea, make a movie / series called  ZOMBULANCE, the protagonist is a  ZOMBULANCE driver and is the reincarnation of the Bruce Willis (the actor, not the character), (so he is an  EMT / professional driver that wants to be an actor / action hero).

Brief plot is as follows, immediate unexplained apocalypse involving zombies that gradually gets more convolved and convoluted in attempts to explain itself throughout the series. Protagonist is a recently fired EMT (day of apocalypse).

As apocalypse happens , he is driving in his Ambulance which he thinks is empty, but it isn’t, instead there is the introduction of the secondary characters / supporting characters, one of which gives him directions to drive to a research facility.

Arrives to said facility, surprised  by the security and lack of zombies, ends up picking up some more support characters and some medical equipment / formula that slows / stops / alters the zombification process. Of course this method is highly untested…..

Rest of the plot goes here

Hopefully the people on the bus find this post, but I doubt it. I will probably embellish on this concept and the associated worldbuilding / screenplay on seperate page or on the skits page.

Anyways , best wishes everyone

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂

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