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Status quo, Qindarkë për mendimet tuaja

Posted on by Benjamin Southall

Hi everyone,

Lots of stuff going on, bits and pieces of various things flying all over the place, although I am lacking the bickering domestic animals made from cloth swatches.

I have been having fun developing various projects in Python, JavaScript, C#, PHP and C++. I seem to update only once a month or there abouts, I probably should remedy that.

Narwhal and RingoJS as CommonJS or ServerSide JavaScript solutions are interesting as was porting a code snippet from Python to JavaScript.

However I then begin to wonder about interaction between client side and server side JavaScript, and if virtual DOM, or DOM based interfaces to Files or Databases can make jQuery even more versatile. I also start thinking about possible flaws in various security models which  a solely JavaScript client + server web based solution could have.

I don’t speak Albanian yet unfortunately, however I am know more familiar with over 100 of the world countries’ currency units, thanks to another code snippet I spent a few days developing in C#, all in Monodevelop and some on my SmartQ V7.

My SmartQ V7 will eventually become a replacement for my phone even though it doesn’t have any GSM telephony. But I hope to continue developing a Gentoo based firmware for it. I already have a some what working chroot. I also have identified why the microphone doesn’t work with the default firmware.

I discovered just how versatile this new device was when my EEEPC / laptop was out of action for a few days whilst I waited for a new AC adaptor. Normally I dismiss the scene in Bruce Almighty, when he abuses his new found deitic abilities, to the tune of “I Got the Power”.

But upon the arrival of my AC adaptor , the song was bursting out of my mouth, if only for a few short seconds, before I smirked and sighed. Julian now has turtles.

How is that relevant to anything you might ask ? Well the simple answer is similar timing with respect to delivered goods (his turtles arriving just before or after my AC adaptor). The more fun answer has to with Albanian currency linking to a type of turtle(which may not be the type Julian has but is the most common type for pet turtles), along with linking to the most awesome character in Inspector Gadget, (Inspector Gadget also having powers and adapting to circumstances).

Hopefully the explanation is obtuse enough, that it doesn’t spoil the magic entirely, then again it probably will. I recently finished reading Asimov’s essays on chemistry which I throughly enjoyed. One of which compares catalysts to magic or the illusion of being magic like.

I am still job searching, along with slowly progressing on a wide variety of side projects. I had written some fun JavaScript for this WordPress Theme,  however it got omm nomm nommed (accidently truncated doesn’t sound as tasty) to zero bytes, so I will have to rewrite it.

I had written a short section on politics but I am reluctant to post it now, as I am not sure if I want to refine it and develop it into some sort of article or essay.

Hope everyone is having fun now that most people’s exams are over,

Best wishes,

Benjamin Southall aka Appleman1234 🙂

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